himself made a room in the hezuwang.com, and it started fine. Suddenly, one day, I found many random codes behind the URL. The first reaction was poisoned. Looking for a long time, did not find the reason behind, in the webmaster Network Forum comrades help, I know that the server opened the firewall. (add http://s.bbs.admin5.com/thread-362281-1-2.html) know why I went to flat-share network MM told him that you have problems she began to speak at the N for a long time, he said the firewall cannot cancel.

posted a chat record so as not to say I framed anyone,

8:45:08  : a good mood; why visit my website   behind always some random number ah flat-share network Vivian 8:46:43 server firewall code   good mood can not get rid of 8:47:00   it is your good mood 8:47:06 space flat-share network Vivian 8:47:50 which IP  8:48:15 60.169.2.× good mood; flat-share network Vivian 8:48:23 wait   flat-share network Vivian 10:59:15 room said cannot cancel the firewall, if removed, attacked site hanging on the   Vivian 10:59:24 flat-share; this is for security reasons   your good mood; 10:59:46 that can not always do flat-share network Vivian 11:00:08 does not affect your access to the   network Vivian flat-share; 11:00:13 this is for security   good mood 11:00:45 halo   can not fix the   well; Ugly good mood 11:00:56 others open home is that flat-share Vivian 11:01:42 this ugly what ah, for your safety, I faint   flat-share network Vivian 11:01:57 server has no protective wall how ah   good mood 11:02:15 that others did not have a firewall like this ah flat-share network Vivian 11:02:53 protective wall is different.  

I have no words, this also line sad, small webmaster so to him bullying

so remind your friends never to buy their space so that you can say "



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