Abstract: comparable to Amazon gorgeous turn.


5 years the share price increased by 300%, the growth rate and Amazon level; nearly $70 billion worth of digital marketing contributed $1 billion 740 million in 2016; digital marketing business revenue in 2019 is expected to become the first industry; digital marketing can reach the market scale will reach $40 billion, a huge potential.

Adobe is a contemporary technology company with apple and Microsoft, the dominant player in the digital content creation software industry, and also marketing software No. 1.

was founded at the beginning, Adobe is known for technology, the first launch of the landmark Postscript printer language, then gradually in-depth creative software field, launched a series of classic image processing software, creative workers become necessary tools.

after 35 years of accumulation, Adobe has become the dominant digital media market, according to Gartner data, Adobe in the digital content making software market share of up to 53.6%, occupy an absolute leadership position.

in addition, Adobe also through a series of acquisitions, including Omniture, Day, Neolane, Software, digital marketing business, SAP to compete with IBM, Salesforce and other big companies on the same stage, accounting for 15% of the market share has become another area — marketing software.

from the existing business layout, Adobe has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, the main business is divided into three categories: digital media (Digital Media), digital marketing (Digital Marketing) and printing and publishing business.

1. digital media business mainly includes Creative, Cloud and Document Cloud two major product family.

2. digital marketing business includes a range of products, Adobe, Experience, Manager, Campaign, Target, Primetime, Social, etc., is committed to providing users with a complete integrated digital marketing solutions.

3. printing and publishing services include a range of products based on Adobe, PostScript and Adobe PDF technologies, primarily for electronic learning solutions, technical documentation, print, web App development, and high-end printing.

generally, mature business market capitalization is relatively stable, while Adobe as a veteran technology companies, shares in these 5 years since 2012, hurricane 300%, the market value rose from 16 billion to nearly $70 billion, staged a legend like Amazon.

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