is like a spring night, an unknown and mysterious website: Dzodzo network advertisement appeared in many job sites and IT related sites, even though the self styled Chinaz portal, still have display at the grassroots level webmaster forum, which opened the 200 thousand pay IT attracted many people’s attention and the rich a lot of people flock to the other conditions of


a few days ago, I unfortunately in the domestic well-known community website editor Bianews see negative reports about the recruitment network Dzodzo events, this paper analysis Dzodzo network this time just under the guise of eleven to cheat site traffic planning scheme in this paper, plagiarism! Reporter posing as candidates for an interview, and interview other applicants, a detailed analysis of the recruitment event


as for the authenticity of the incident we do not discuss, if interested friends can also send a resume to try, here only about Dzodzo net effect achieved by the event.

first look at the site, but a very common SNS class site, friends, groups, albums, polymerization, ordinary can not be ordinary. Just look pretty at home, but a little art skills to make such a page can be, and in the Baidu and Google included even less than most of the individual owners, but the recruitment of door events, the most direct reflection of the rapid increase in traffic is, the Alexa value has been to the edge of the 10W, on the other hand, its popularity is also on a large scale has rapidly increased, accompanied by the advertisement in many of the sites and transfer of the candidates, more and more people remember the name of Dzodzo network.

very well, that’s exactly what the new website needs! Traffic is identity, traffic is money. And this kind of SNS site has its own characteristics of viral transmission, as long as the beginning of work, the development of the back is very easy. Tube he what PR value, flow up, there is the right to speak, with the right to negotiate. What negative impact does he have? With traffic, with money, everything can be solved through network public relations.

that’s what the headline says: negative marketing.

wrote this, I remember some time ago a news speculation is hot: "game" three blood "suspected of sex promotion is forced to stop, then re open the news! I believe many people have seen the reports, and the" three blood "in the re opening to grab the incident make a fuss if you often watch movies in the thunder, the friends must pay attention to:" three blood "this slogan is" the most controversial "game! Also overwhelming media reports also let" three blood "flow to earn enough to spit.

this is also negative marketing.

throughout all of the web site, often there will be some negative reports, what what what pornographic, Sister Lotus, Ya Genv and so on. Negative >

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