actually, I started the website first, mainly wanting to be a station to pull down the assembly line, SPEDIA is the kind of advertisement that looks at the advertisement for you to give the American dollar by hour.

now looking back, I was making money for the site, not for interest, so all my websites have been making money so far.

I started the first site is ninth city answer library, should have played in ninth cities, all know this station. Unfortunately, later graduated, and ninth cities no longer focus on the community, so I’m too lazy to do it.

now I look back, I should know when to register the TYPO domain name, also is I most regret now, when the domain name registered in 1999 so many good not registered, there are now 100 are almost every can change a house.

actually, I started some business owners also now than the poor, 400 dollars a month living expenses, the Internet every day to spend 12 yuan, the average daily eating above to spend 2 yuan, eat what I now remember, 2 pancakes, a plus egg pancake, 2 plus 5 hair 1 1.

I was almost all free hosting are used, then buy virtual host than it is now much more expensive, then only a few large IDC, I can not afford to buy, because it was decided to flow the price of the host, even if you are a pure HTML station, was not so advanced. All the stations are their own hand pages do.

I finally found a very good, I will remember now, is NETBIG large 5M of free space, then 5M is a website providing free space is minimal, but does not limit your access flow, super fast speed. Unfortunately, this site has disappeared into the memory of the people.

I started watching WEBADS CILU forum, said what CJ to engage in, then CJ in almost all CPC ads, I also got a number, the most prominent put yourself on the home page, and also add the words in the following: click this ad will get 0.0X dollars at the time of this sentence is popular in each BANNER below, because did not say who is the object, I am still a visitor, so many visitors think their dollars, then click on the very high, but in the end I put CJ K, I was also very strange, I do is normal ah, and some people think misleading a lot of people, what to say good CJ. Then I went to see the LIZHI forum, an expert LIZHI123 in a post reply that BEFREE is much better than CJ, and then apply for BEFREE, and advertising is OVERTURE, because it was the highest price per click, is $0.03, is a search box, I played a little smart, the search box with a default word "ninth city", then click

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