this year, the site did not engage in micro-blog marketing, met, do not know what to talk about. With the gradual warming of micro-blog in China, more and more individual owners and enterprises are investing in micro-blog marketing. Like SEO or any other marketing in the past, opportunistic people are everywhere. Brush fans, fans, buy a small forwarding micro-blog N has been waiting together means believe the webmaster application can recite fluently from memory. For marketing and marketing, forget the essence and purpose of marketing, micro-blog is not a tool, can only be a tool to hurt yourself. Internet marketing, regardless of the tools used, is consistent in its essence. Like micro-blog marketing, you can think of it as a subscription, your fans are subscribers, and your web content is what they focus on. Only under the guidance of the correct concept, persevere in the implementation of micro-blog marketing, your website can achieve the desired goal. So, at present, so impetuous background, how should the webmaster correctly use micro-blog marketing their website? The author combined with their own practice, summarized the following points.

1: the official micro-blog for the establishment of their website. When choosing micro-blog domain name, should try to combine the domain name of own website, besides, micro-blog nickname also tries to be named with website name as far as possible.

official micro-blog profile, can be a brief introduction of their own website, the head set for the site’s LOGO. Set tags related to web sites, columns, or content. If your site has enough access,

and through the Ministry of records, to Sina, micro-blog as an example, you can apply for web plus V certification, so as to enhance the credibility of the official micro-blog.

2: "workers want to do good things, they must first benefit their devices", the first step, your site must add social sharing button, commonly used, such as network, micro classification tools can be free to use. A tool for delivering and subscribing to web visitors is undoubtedly one of the lowest cost and excellent results. In addition, your website can also add micro-blog gadgets. Take Sina micro-blog as an example, click on the account number to enter my tool, configure the call style, and insert the code in the right place of the website. With micro-blog gadgets, visitors can read the latest micro-blog, and you can click on them directly to make them a loyal visitor to the site.

3: use micro-blog management tools, commonly used free micro-blog tools, fun, Kongming, social management, leather time machine, etc., set the release of micro-blog time and number. Typically, a greeting is issued at 7 a.m. every morning for micro-blog, which releases micro-blog every 60 minutes. The last one at 11 in the evening, micro-blog. The use of micro-blog management tools, is to ensure that every day there is content, not to make fans feel official micro-blog lifeless, long time not updated, the lack of continued attention necessary.

4: micro-blog content should be improved, try to publish the most valuable or original content of the website. Avoid the naked wide

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