should not only show the content to the user, but let the user accept it passively. If all is useless, the result will be even worse.

when I listen to music on the road, I’m always used to cut music in the "random play" mode until I cut the song I want to hear. I do not know similar scenes, we have no " experience " over, is my personal habits, or we have such a feeling, so I want to write out, incidentally, through this habit, extended some recommendations about the feelings.

behavior: choose "random play", always want to cut songs to "listen to the song"

random play

from my habits, "" more random play on the way to work or just busy good time to relax a little, "" means "to play" this is "what song", belongs to the act of driving too goal-driven, similar to the hungry and want to eat but not yet think what a good hotel, want to see a film but did not decide what movie to see. Just listen to music as a tune, not a good appreciation of music.

in this premise, if you let the user go to select the song, build a list, and then start playing what, it must be less enjoyable, just want to listen to casually.

wants to hear the song

What does

do when she meets a song she doesn’t like in the "random play"? Click " the next " button is OK, and if you don’t like it, go ahead. Why not go directly to the songs you like to listen to? Instead, switch this way. Do a map, and you can see:


in the choice of when he wanted to listen to the song, the user’s mental model about figure, go looking for to hear in so many songs of the song (blue), if the target (blue dots), so it’s easy to find, but not particularly strong targets (blue dots), want to pick choose to listen to the song, it is not so easy, it is easy to choose difficult.

and "random play" state, the song sequence is linear, the player will take the initiative to push the song to you, without thinking what is the next song, just the songs you want to hear, don’t want to listen to "cut", and then give you change, in the "passive" is still played at random the initiative.

initiative in the passive – Personalized recommended products

I have just described is called "passive" in the active, passive information is to show the content and order their arrangement, and the initiative is through some operations to change the passive presentation of information content. This kind of personalized recommendation form has been found when people use it at ordinary times, and these will definitely be the future trend.

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