the rapid development of China’s economy has brought a flourishing leather market environment, and the major enterprises are full of unprecedented expansion impulse, hoping to expand market share. These ideas are not local manufacturers of China’s enterprises, many foreign enterprises are holding this dream to invade the Chinese leather market, hoping to get more gold in this leather market in china". But with the expansion of the scale of the leather market, some enterprises gradually reveal weakness, staff expansion, increased costs, management has become more and more complicated; finally led to increased sales and profits decline symbiosis.

the harsh situation forced the enterprises have to re-examine the market strategy, the development of leather regional market is no longer a simple landing, occupation, but its construction will become a lead to sustained profit market, which is a strategic regional market leather. This strategic regional market is the regional market that the enterprise can cover; it is a market with leading position in specialization and depth development; it is a market that can expand in scale and return in large profits.

strategy for the construction of the regional market, manufacturers have a lot of work to do: it needs to break the boundaries of existing departments, according to the characteristics of the regional market development; need to provide a unique style of service; to improve the management efficiency, it needs a Zhang Wang, a network of relationships, a sales network of a talking! Network, a powerful network! For it call for it to its net sales, the regional market "fish". In short, we need to gain a much larger competitive edge than our competitors.

to create strategic regional markets, the means of price competition will inevitably be replaced by perfect after-sales service and brand, which is gradually emerging on the market characteristics of competition. From the point of view of market operation, manufacturers should build a close dealer network system, build it into a quasi vertical integrated sales channel, and build a strategic channel alliance.

but how should a brand be built,


the simplest and most direct is – the fourth media – 167 million Internet users, this huge number, so that the network in China’s media leader position is far ahead. And low prices, but also for enterprises to build brands, save a lot of money.

manufacturers hold in good faith and generosity of the network do not always think of you, how much money to the Internet still think back to your network, how much value to you, how much to sell, how much real benefits to you. What he brings is a brand, an image, which is priceless. Like you in to buy a piece of clothing, why buy a suit? A simple word – image problem! Another problem, you spend tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of tens of seconds to do so on TV, on the radio, he really to bring you the real profit is how many


here I have to say we China leather alliance network alliance policy was to provide Internet information network service platform, the effective integration of industry resources, to build a professional system of Member Services >

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