came back one day later and opened the QQ client to ask why he couldn’t search my home network online. Halo, immediately open BAIDU, because GOOGLE is relatively stable, and do not worry too much. Sure enough,, I can’t find any content. Depressed, more headache, can not find the reason. From October last year, the small station was established, insisting on manual updates every day, and this year began a lot of content original, Baidu daily updates than home page, but also almost every day update station news. Last night still ADMIN5 hair article, hope to share with you today is really good website, actually he is very hard to find their own seckill! Why, the general problems may arise in brief, hope master who help me, I’m not going to do what changes at present, is to do an experiment.

1, the site home from ordinary TABLE replaced by DIV+CSS, completely written by himself, and from the day of change has already started two months fast, Baidu updated daily home page. I don’t think it should be a problem. He Baidu can’t let me change clothes, and I did it just this once. And, TITLE, the other descriptions change just a few words,

2, part of the revision. Specifically for the Ezhou news and Ezhou property. At the same time, the revision was rewritten in DIV+CSS. First changed news, Baidu soon included, and news updates are more frequent. Then changed to Ezhou real estate, great changes, increased functions, indeed from the revision to the present, the column has not been updated, but there are updated specific property information. So I feel this should not let Baidu spike ah,


3, written in recent sections of the soft more points. This you can look into my space, in fact, not many, are a little more likely. Do the software will lead to the increase of the K station? Map kings encourage soft Wen, so I think the possibility is not


, a 4 page link Ezhou real estate bureau recently modified version, and that included is a serious decline, but the station is the official website, should not be so low weight, but also through the search Ezhou real estate network, the station has a good ranking!

5, human rights down, optimize the excessive, this is even better, I stand in the local absolute content first, many other sites, but a lot of information from my website. Optimization is impossible, first of all, I do not understand SEO, not to mention excessive optimization ah,

6, is the so-called small problems together Many a little make a mickle.? Big problems? But why didn’t sign? Seckill!

The growth process of

specific I stand we can see my personal space on ADMIN5, please tell me QQ:7591159

be generous with your criticism!

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