many webmasters now use VPS or servers, whether VPS or server, roughly two systems, not Windows systems, or Linux systems. The windowns system combined with IIS server, it should be many webmaster selection. Because the function is more, for those who use the window system more smoothly. Windows, sever + IIS operations, access, mysql, SQL and other databases are also more convenient.

although IIS management website is more convenient, but once the server on the site more, it is more difficult to manage. Do not say a few hundred, that is, 10, a few, twenty, several sites mixed together, to clear browsing and management is still time-consuming and trouble.

, there are a lot of site management procedures can be used directly, such as virtual host management procedures, such as selling space station, you can choose actually getting a virtual host program, there are a lot of free,

two, but I still like the server a little more relaxed, with more procedures, loading more things, will affect the operation of the server. The following is to share the IIS without the use of third software how to clear management group.

1, first of all to their own stations to do a good job classification, my station is broadly divided into these categories: portals or large websites, corporate websites, celebrities, personal websites, temporary sites (including temporary demonstration, test site).

‘s main directory is wwwroot, according to the above 4 categories, build 4 directory placed website, portal or large website – > Sups, > Coms, enterprise website; celebrity personal website – > Ones, Tems; temporary site – > sup is the super acronym, meaning com super station; the company is the abbreviation; one is a personal meaning, meaning tem is temporary. You can write your name according to your own needs.

Manage sites on

2 and IIS. IIS does not support the classification of the website management, to clear the management of so many sites, you need to rely on naming to complete.

as follows, generally open IIS, see the site is unordered arrangement, the site is more, is management headache.

in accordance with the classification of first points, when the site on the IIS, the name of the site with classification, such as now to add a large station, then IIS is named, that is, plus a Sups_ prefix. Each site is classified according to its own name, then when entering IIS, according to the description of the sorting order, then the station will be clear on the group. As follows:

in fact, my classification is not only 4 categories, Mas prefix is a number of celebrity master web site, Dir prefix is some web site to turn. According to the above method, basically can be very much

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