from Google Chinese, but it is not completely out, can open, only to Hongkong, Google if it is completely out of the station, we should pay attention to what happens, I will talk about today.

one. Google’s thinking

Google is gone, let us first think of is Chinese investment environment, but it is China heavenly things, regardless of our business, we can think of people, big companies do not go, we look after these small owners really pay attention, don’t say what to draw further apart, China we do on the line, not to engage in what tricks.

two. Other search engines in China


is gone, our website also have subsequently fought other search engines in China, Google’s 1/3 share of course will also be other search engines in China, now Google has not completely withdraw from our website is best to prepare early, early to do optimization for other search engines, have let other search engines early included, included. Google is gone, some people will be very Chinese pictures, indeed, Google online translation is very useful to us, the grass can also see foreigners faster website, take it to the registered foreign M, m m to transfer abroad, if not the Google translation, we can only see the tutorial step a step of the operation, it is too much trouble.

three. About the Google advertising coalition,

Google withdrew from China, there may be advertising alliance left, just take it as before. Before Google did not come to China, the same can apply for advertising alliance, but it was not the same as now. Now exit information is issued, may Google in the advertising business China connected will reduce part of advertising is reduced, the price of course advertising alliance will reduce the price a little, of course we do not need to continue to use the Google Adsense, now we can actually begin to look at other domestic advertising alliance, more understanding some.

four. Google PR value,

from Google Chinese, may the PR value of the site would not cancel, Google PR will not have any impact on the Chinese China, now in a sense, Google will cherish their own products, of course, the Google PR value is not canceled.

five. Google will also include Chinese websites,

Google is gone, but the Internet is no boundaries, I think Google Corporation will not ban Chinese included about the site, there is no need to deliberately suppress the China website China website, said Google is in multinational companies in foreign Chinese will check some things about China with Google. Google let go of China, but he will never put any Chinese, so we can rest assured that Google will be included in our Chinese website.

as a whole, Google is gone. From now on, it’s just changed to HK, we >

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