author website: Shandong art entrance examination network

was formally launched in April 10th, just 15 days, I have thousands of months of income, although very little, but I see the hope.

himself has limited style of writing, and briefly talks about how to build a website

1. site location: now a lot of people come up is to do a local portal, industry website, if the individual owners are difficult to develop, I also try to do a 2007 local community website, not two months will have to exit, here wants to explain is the site location, for individual owners can not be greedy I think we should, starting from the demand, seize the opportunity, from small start, a small market, as long as you are NO1, I believe you will not be sad.

2.SEO: in this respect, I’m a rookie. I use Dede CMS, personally feel that Dede still has advantages in terms of SEO, because it is new, my station is still ranked rise, do Baidu one or two position should be another point the day and await for it, I found that to establish their own web links on Sina Baidu blog quickly to be included, so new webmaster reference.

3. content should be updated in a timely manner, content is the foundation of the site, the site to sustainable development, we should uphold the "content is king" concept, especially the right amount of originality.

sum up: the concept of my station is: demand first, content is king, technical means to follow up.

welcome and the majority of webmaster exchange website operation experience.

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