students, I believe that today this article, mostly doing micro business students, and think you are the micro business people, what is the term "derivative" understand? Is selling things on a mobile phone? Or use WeChat to sell things is the derivative of me? Understanding of the micro business, but it should be called a community or community electricity supplier, electricity supplier, belongs to a branch of business. Since it is the electricity supplier, traffic is the most basic source. Now many micro business do not understand or do not understand what is flow, but every day there are basic requirements, homework is constantly to add group, near the people, brush powder software, the purpose is only one, plus friends. This is actually a process of storing up the seed of manufacturing flow for itself. But after that each person has the basic question, why the fans did not translate the Calais? No deal is no cash flow orders?. A lot of people are asking this question.


today I had this problem, first out, is that you have to the fans not quality! Let alone come with precision! Fans, not zombie fans, is not interested in you waste powder, and only came to refresh in your circle of friends. Well, that’s a real sell. What to do? Share some tips for adding fans today.

1. Disadvantages of traditional methods of adding

wants to know the problem and has to find the source and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the promotion methods used. Here are some of the micro

I have listed

vendors commonly used methods of promotion for your understanding and analysis. (B grade)

1, WeChat,

uses the WeChat group to send red packets, hard ads, and powder, which is now a way of adding many micro agents to the operation, because the cost is not high,

by everyone’s favor, but the conversion effect is passable, plus is not a colleague, is zombie powder, conversion rate is low.

The difficulty of

operation: * * you can feel


cost: * * * * *

effect: you can feel you can feel


score: * *

pain points: to attract fans with a red envelope is not accurate, hard wide was kicked out of the group, mutual powder is mostly Calais counterparts, low conversion rate.

2, software automatically adds

hundreds of dollars a set of software, through the automatic greeting and annex people, every day added to the friends also have hundreds of or so, but most of them are zombie powder, and there is no interest in the garbage powder. Plus fans are not accurate, the conversion rate is extremely low,

The difficulty of

operation, you can feel: * *


assumes you

effect: you can feel you can feel


comprehensive score >

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