1, the friendship and interests in the team should be clearly defined,

is one single-handed limited capacity, development team will grow better, but a team can not be built on the basis of friendship, friendship rather cultivate interests first, because friendship will drag in the days after the decision on the division of labor. Because everyone’s "embarrassed" and reduce the efficiency of the entire team.

2, thinking should be advanced, the pace of progress must follow

here is mainly to learn advanced thinking plan to do before, and immediately to carry out the plan early, we only need a final goal, a stage plan, this goal was not achieved before, it is best not to think too much, a creative today, tomorrow and a creative way not realistic, individual owners have several uncompleted website too common, but individual owners have a website are also many examples of the essence.

3, big dreams are not recommended, serious implementation is the key,

network business has its own characteristics, often want to network entrepreneurs who are from others and to rich and successful entrepreneurs to join in, the process of network business is expected to be too optimistic, a lofty, gallop world, over a period of time will complain, even disappeared". No matter what you do, what you do is not say, say, say, but do, do, and do.

4, unwavering faith is important,

network entrepreneurship is not overnight, starting from the idea of entrepreneurship, to entrepreneurial success, there is a long process. In this process, to bear the pains and hungry body skin pain, especially for young people, will encounter many have never met face a lot of ups and downs, I do not know how to break the problem of entrepreneurship is a solution to the problem of dream tramp over mountains and through ravines, firm belief is the inexhaustible motive force support you resolve a problem.

5, do a good job with time to stop standing

network business with open shops are a little different, not crowded downtown area on the network, customers, users need to spend effort to accumulate, this time how long? No one can answer, I used 3 years to a palm sized field, finally can not afford to eat the meal to chew on bread, although it is over but I think still scared, not to mention Mr. Ma Yun for 8 years now has made achievements, so do the project before you want to bet good time PK years


6, don’t always ask some suck problems

to see more advanced experience of the article, encountered problems do not understand, to communicate with friends. But don’t add other people’s QQ, even the minimum "hello" is not, in determining the other party is an expert, immediately to sentence, "tell me what station, both traffic and make money quickly."". For an expert, what you do is both traffic and money, and for you, it’s probably what you do

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