Hello everyone. I’m the A5 security team. Let’s talk about MSSQL’s security, and I won’t talk about it any more. This patch is sure to be played. Otherwise, overflow tools such as sqlhello overflow.

here, say "SA". SA and administrator are the same. So it’s dangerous. If you use SA as your link account. Imagine it’s very dangerous. But if you use SA, that’s the case. Or organize intruders from all sides.

removes components such as cmdshell. Xp_dirtree and their DLL, xplog70.dll, and so on, have many components. Can go online to find DLL files, in general, those four. Xp_web what?. OA. Wait。

After the

is deleted, they can be organized and answered with statements. But if hackers combine your WEBshell, you can say you’re done. They can add it themselves. Reply to all of you. There is a script on the website, lake2 written by brother lake2.dll, and this component is similar to that of oa. Cannot answer back. But they can export text using > and c:a.txt, so there’s no recommendation to use SA here.

general website, no matter what, we use db_owner and public on it. If I do it, just give it to public. Because pubilc lacks several functions and has no backup function.

db_owner everyone knows that you can backup to get shell’, but public can’t be used to get shell. But he’s still in danger. Public can still use the xp_dirtree component.

they can write what they have written into the established table. Then use select to see. So it’s dangerous. By the way, a hacker is missing. When he is invading, he meets web data. How can he solve this problem?. They can be invoked with a component using remote. Select executes queries using remote SQL queries.

The permissions for

public can be listed in the directory. One can imagine that they can look over your website carefully. So it’s still dangerous. So it’s ultimately due to the xp_dirtree component. Maybe many people don’t know that xp_dirtree has another brother, that is, xp_subdirs and xp_dirtree are the same, and the functions are exactly the same.

so it’s still DLL to solve the problem, so here we have to pay attention. Db_owner can backup a script to your startup project and have access to it. So limit them back to the startup item.

also >

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