sharing is the source of personal webmaster progress, but also the personal stationmaster’s grave.

sees a lot of friends like to send soft Wen on stationmaster kind website, popularize their industry website. I know, the day of the release, you must have brought a lot of traffic, but I want to tell you, those traffic is completely worthless traffic, the webmaster will not buy your product, but they will COPY your model.

tells two real things.

remembers that he was afraid he hadn’t written a new article for three months. The main fear is, the last time I write an article mentioned that I had a medical website, and then it made articles "in the promotion of soft paper, because it is his station, so specially in the" bar to the set of recommendations, the soft effect is there, that give me the medicine Station with hundreds of people, but the basic is the webmaster, less than half a month later, I found that my recovery station was dead, I each update an article, estimates there are dozens of websites where I collected the day. I can hardly do it anymore. I have the individual collection station or a domain name, the weight is higher than me, the Baidu actually judging my article is collecting his station.

The medical station theme

I do when I did last year I found under the Baidu search also few people do, but since I write soft article promotion, the type of the station increases sharply, yesterday I search, I kind of theme has hundreds of medical stations. It’s horrible。 The result is that I have insisted for more than a year, I am still standing around 2000 people, the competition is too fierce, too many people, I did not make any natural money, I do not want to update. The site is pretty much gone.

a few days ago, there is a friend to find me, he and I said, his website to promote, in the web page to send a text, soft Wen, I want to recommend. He who stands do is a word in Baidu keyword that in addition to bid, he ranked third, he is selling a product (product name, I will not say, because I estimate a say, my friend’s station and I immediately did last year, the medical stations like OVER) he one day hundreds of people, but he has more than 10 thousand months of income. Therefore, doing network business is still very good, mainly to choose a product, income than you do stand selling advertising to others better. In the choice of products, recommended to choose fine, all of your site’s theme is only around a word, it is generally the result you persist for some time, your words if competition is not very intense, the general can enter Baidu first page, you can make a phone call in several other bills.

through these two examples I just want to tell you one thing, when you text in the webmaster website, especially when the leader of your website is not the industry, it is best able to do the theme of your site is hidden, to avoid too much competition. Industry Web site soft Wen, you want to send to your industry forum or web site up, not Adsense class >!

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