many webmasters believe that it is difficult to raise the PR value to 5 and let other websites actively link to it. Their only idea is to raise the PR value of their website by buying external links. Here is another free way to improve the PR value of your website, rather than by bulk software or buy external links to achieve.

1) submit your web site to the directory. It may take some time, if it is collected, it will at least your website PR value and reverse link to improve 70%.

2) write articles and submit them to professional article catalogues. There are many professional English articles in foreign countries. If you write an article, it will only bring you a very low PR value, because the new article is updated, your article will soon be replaced by other new articles…. But if you can write 15-30 article and submitted to the PR6 or PR7 article directory sites, the contents of the article, you can row in the novel structure, the front page of the site, so each article can bring at least 10 valid backlinks to you. This link will convince Google that your website page is an important site, and that Google might give you 5 or 6 of the page’s PR value.

3) to some PR value high BBS release information, in the release of information when you want to remember to bring a signature, signature can usually bring the web site. Attention should not be arbitrarily sent advertising information, good forums are generally administrator in the audit, and found that your IP is very easy to screen.

4) search with Google! If your website is about car type, you can enter " in Google; Cars exchange link, with us", or " cars link, exchange, page", etc…. Some PR value high site, they have self-help link function, will soon appear in front of the search engine, you can directly through these pages to submit links. About " Wooden serving trays" in general, through Google to search the Links website, you can enter the " wooden trays" " Wooden; serving trays" such as keyword search, will soon find a lot of relevant information. Here, suggest you, some irrelevant website can do not link.

5) leave a message or write some thank-you notes. Try to remember previously provided you with SEO, links, network promotion and other related services web site. You can always visit them and leave messages or suggestions on them. Your avatar will appear on it, and it will also bring you some useful links.


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