first, I used to do the tests, test, examination and network education and other more than 10 related sites, the author of the other education and training sites are not the right of discourse. We also talk about self promotion and operation experience into the site, when the right to initiate.

1. Locate

according to the customer base

I first came to these sites, that the self examination into customers are students, the talk with the leadership of the company was informed that the self examination into the selection of customers, most of them are state-owned enterprises or large enterprises as a position, only to get a diploma or professional title or position, the second is part of the professional college students.

knows the company’s main customer base and locates the site according to the customer’s needs.

1, according to popular Related words to locate the site

such as the Hunan area has a lot of famous university, but the university entrance examination part more attention by people, and this is the time to choose this university.

2 locate

according to customer’s needs

customers are mainly divided into diploma, special professional student demand and so on. For the diploma older customers, schools and professional website will highlight the "business management" and "marketing" is passed; for professional characteristics, such as nurses, civil engineering and other professional students, the author mainly selected the Hunan area of the more prominent professional school.

knows the main customers and builds the website, which will be promoted in the future.

two, a kind of self promotion of the website

self test site promotion and common sites are similar, but there are also other characteristics of the industry, in order to avoid about the education of the site promotion focus.

1, SEO promotion key

education sites and other sites are not the same, such as the author did before the Hunan self test network, there are dozens of schools under the exam. At present, many educational companies, including the author, have adopted dual line warfare methods. What is the topic page is double, master opened up the school, such as Polytechnic, Lake etc.. At the same time, and with a domain independent school website, then one.

education company adopts double combat also has its difficulties, such as search engine algorithm to adjust, if a site is K, the company cut off most. Second, the increasing competition in the industry also allows education companies to use top-level domain names to promote the site.

2, to seize the three major library platform

education website external promotion, do not need to do blog marketing, BBS marketing, and so on. Self examination into members of the forum have been registered, the author has tried for a time by the forum automatic greeting sent the message sending software, its effect is little, the author finally decisively abandoned. The following figure is a screenshot of the author’s numerous Baidu library accounts. < >

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