contact network is about 2000, when I began to have a broadband telecommunications, the local small game room after another began to put on a computer all day, students and some young people in and out, some day mixed games and surfing the Internet in Internet bar.

I have already graduated from college to work, the street to work every day to go through our county is known as the "game Street", the street after several years of development, from the beginning of the game to the computer Internet narrowband and broadband Internet access, and eventually formed a "bar street", has been quite the size of the street, on both sides of the "Internet cafes" have more than 20, all day long bustling, on Saturday at the same time in the Internet about five or six students and young people. Later I found out how many students and young people wasted their time and youth on this Internet cafe street.

never before due to contact with the network, although heard of the online world is very exciting, but also know how to get on the Internet, is it a little bit of technology, not like a book, open the text is full out. So, often passing there, and never dare to go in, afraid of those little guy jokes.

for the first time to enter the Internet bar is purely accidental, that just want to buy a pack of cigarettes in a cafe door, inside the young people waved to me, is my neighbor, never graduated from junior high school entrance, doing nothing, all day in the cafe dawdle. Give them a few cigarettes, and I’ll sit there and watch them surf the web. They don’t know much about the Internet. They’re very flexible with their Pinyin input, chatting with people QQ, and more playing online games and Jianghu communities. When it comes to exciting, I also want to talk to each other, with five methods of input I have learned in college, I am interested in talking with my friends who can’t see them.

they motioned me to rent machine on the Internet, I was a fool in front of embarrassed, the small guy, but curiosity overcame all this, when I’m here and there, just don’t know how to "network", the network to call me, pointing to a similar satellite orbiting the earth. Double click when they finally know the Internet to use a "browser" that thing.

then the Internet, if not Baidu, no blog and space, the most commonly used is the QQ chat, and chat rooms, so distant and authentic communication that kind of feeling is very good, because there was no camera, also just imagine the computer on the other side of the man’s appearance, until now. There are a lot of friends have not seen in the video, some have not been on line, do not know the distant side, is not too good? In the impression, just have a say, a sign.

a few years later, the Internet began to appear in the blog such a thing, I apply a password, I started my own blog tour, began to write their own feelings and experiences in it, deeply felt, not so high in a thing on the network really. On the Internet, everyone is >

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