today, the customer complained about the poor advertising effect, and then realized that the door had been forced advertising.

below is a bit of a feeling:

started from April through the portal space, my site traffic is in a portal bubusheng up. Thank you very much for the steady service that portal has been offering, no matter when it was three thousand IP or thirty thousand IP, I never thought it was slow.

for so long free, always hope that the door through the advertising union out early, but today finally came out, but not surprise, is a bit depressed. My website also has the lower right corner of the floating window, I have not seen the door through the advertising, until this evening the customer complained that the advertising effect is very bad, and sent a screenshot to me, I just know what is going on.

in fact, portal through advertising is normal, but also through the door to survive and develop, and only profitable to provide better service. So I definitely support the gateway.

but now the form of advertising is somewhat difficult to accept, I hope the gateway can carefully consider the views of the majority of the webmaster. Develop embedded ads as soon as possible.

but no matter what, I will support the gateway, and now I will accept the advertising, after all, portal enough to pay. I just don’t want to see the door lead to decline because of this kind of advertisement, but I can’t find such a good space in the future. Ha-ha。

portal, come on, economic winter, webmaster, we have reason to believe that the gateway will have a satisfactory solution.

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