contacted the website and Admin5 this year, and learned a lot in the webmaster network. So there will be a personal website of their own.

website just started, also everywhere sends the post, sends ad. Do some general webmaster will do, is to hope that the site traffic can be higher and higher. Through their continuous efforts, the site from 0 to do 1000IP, so I want to do what kind of advertising, you can make some money. Put a lot of alliances, not buckle volume, that is, the unit price is too low, a month down, basically can not turn to what money. Thought I worked hard to do stand for a month even 300 yuan to do really is a failure. Then there was an impulse to sell the station.

open the Admin5 forum for District, but also a lot of receiving station, so I contacted a network called slippers webmaster, saw him on the QQ website price is also good, about 700 yuan for a long time has finally talk about the price, ha ha, I thought this station a month to earn 300 yuan unexpectedly sold today 700 really good happy, then contact the agency quickly completed the transaction. When the money to hand, only to find that money is still so easy.

have you ever thought of joining a 1000IP station, you can sell more than 700, one also do 3 stations, they IP to 1000 to sell, what kind of concept will this be?.

if you say your website is 1000IP a month, how much do you think you can earn every month?

opens Admin5 forum, buying so many websites every day. Why don’t anyone sell it, or what’s the reason,



good beginning is half of success, I wish all the webmaster friends can choose to start a good development direction to make money for themselves, to rely on the site to make money already has a certain scale of things, we must reconsider the position for my money, I think what place do you know, out of the ordinary, create new styles, the world of information, God helps those who help themselves, too, only you out of the ordinary, you will have a better development opportunities.

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