recently came online, Guangdong netizens issued two major reasons for the strong demand for Baidu Hi name, post who have also given their own views, for the following reasons:

1. in the Guangdong area, with Cantonese say Hi is a very civilized language, and said that very vulgar Baidu ~ ~ ~ hope to seriously consider the Guangdong area, it is difficult to compete with Tencent, Tencent is Shenzhen after all, a better understanding of Guangdong culture…

2. and Baidu space "Hi" repeat, after all, is the two product……

Baidu Hi

users directly indicates itself in tort, but I do not know how to infringement, may be invaded their rights, but also found that many users are not very supportive of Baidu HI, think this is just a false performance, more say more unpleasant, here not to describe indelicate.

from my point of view, the name is more chatty, I am authentic northerners, is not very love to name, we may have the habit of amiable name, think IM products should be your own personal buddy, such as Tencent, called QQ, fluently, and choose the "Penguin" as the image of IM, see is very cute, it is not only his buddy, for adults, more like it as his own child care, NetEase bubble and Taobao Wangwang, this name is more cordial, very much in line with the Chinese taste, Baidu Hi, called up, is really a little stiff, and we can see the Baidu IM image, I look more like a PigHead, is 07 years of development, is the year of the pig, affected, so I chose a PigHead as these images, I Many users will not be too willing to accept, no wonder, we have a lot of views on Baidu Hi.

at the same time, many users also said that for Baidu HI, you can try, but not always, no matter how, not to give up the lovely QQ, it’s a good partner, his many years, therefore, it can be concluded that the Baidu Hi will not have an impact on the Tencent. Baidu Hi believes it will not easily change its name again. It has just changed its image and changed its name. I am afraid it will be a big loss to my company’s image.

this is a brand, Baidu may Hi is the value of a brand, while ignoring the netizens heart, accurate is Chinese the voice users, this name is in abroad, will not have such a strong reaction.

my station name, is very lovable, directly enabled bubble is a bubble, statistics, sounds very fluently, let the webmaster friends can remember what’s the name, although the domain name is not very good, but at least the name okay to listen to some. Baidu Hi might want to create a name, but it’s going to cost you…

don’t know, we renamed on the Baidu Hi, to what advice do not leave your advice, visit _____________________________! "

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