they’re cold-blooded, but they’re not ruthless – 5 years of climbing, feeling

loved reptiles ever since he was a child. Like turtles, snakes, lizards. These are all my favorites. I remember every time I went to the zoo, I was always pestering my father to take me to the reptile house. One turn is more than an hour.

slowly grew up, a little bit of contact to crawl the industry, from the beginning, gradually developed to raise their own, now climbing friends pet therapy. Also from the grass bird a few years ago, into a genuine veteran. From the variety, feeding, care, disease treatment, reproduction have a lot of knowledge and practical experience accumulated.

can always see the news about reptiles in the newspapers and on television, most of the reports are very stupid, very amateur, believe a lot of care reptiles are seen as "found a thousand year old turtle" battery found barbed monster "reported, because interest dictates, in their leisure time, always want to do what to look at the popularity of reptiles knowledge. Let more people know that reptiles are not without feelings, very scary animals. So with the help of friends, China turtle network came into being. A professional reptile site, hoping that more people will be able to learn about reptiles. Eliminate prejudice against reptiles. Do not always see the tortoise is a bastard, see the snake is python, see lizards become dinosaurs.

really wants to see reptiles, like cats and dogs, go into every family and be a pet for everyone. In foreign countries, reptiles could legally buy and sell, they have specialized equipment, such as UVB ray lamp, special nutritional feed, designed for reptiles prepared calcium powder, special reptile sale chain stores, there are specialized elective courses in school knowledge of reptiles. But in China, still remain in can only rely on the network, like China turtles crawl the world this website to popularize and publicize the knowledge of reptiles. Hopefully one day, domestic reptiles can be legalized and become more formal. Only in this way, domestic reptile market can really be developed.

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