foreword: stationmaster makes money very difficult, stationmaster wants to make a lot of money more difficult, stationmaster wants to last long, make money greatly difficult. Wangzhuan have more than two years, can not say that there is a big harvest, but can actually work better than, and free, without the boss face to act. However, recently found that the project income growth slow down gradually, competitors such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain a general emerge back now discovered that he was too careless, did not pay attention to protect their own profit model, while others are familiar with the operation method of your future will imitate you, or even malicious or despicable means.

my experience, and my profit model, I will not say any more here, otherwise, competitors may be more and more. Maybe someone should Paizhuan, how so narrow-minded? Share what? But please do not forget the saying "Chinese taught the apprentice, master starved! Especially in Chinese, copyright awareness is not strong, the cost of rights is too high! I say when there are some webmaster friends a good profit model after how to protect their own profit model, as little as possible by others malicious imitation.

first: please protect your contact information. Many webmaster friends may not have noticed, including I have not noticed, began to stand, their most commonly used mobile phone number, the most commonly used QQ, and even the real names on the web links, while others search for your mobile phone No. QQ are able to find all of your website. You do all of the project will be sweeping.

second: friendship link. Many webmaster friends love to own all the links together, when people see a website of your period, by Links can put all of your station found, you can also all others profit model of crystal clear. I started the website are linked to each other, then do I have Baiai soybean isoflavone net change this habit, Links only do within the chain. Therefore, it is not recommended that all of their stations are reflected in the link.

third: low-key life, high-profile work. Many webmaster friends including my own, and when friends when it comes to network problems always could not restrain his excitement, by his own thoughts without reservation to tell others, or others will throw out a few problems caused heated debate, debate you some good ideas, good use. The idea will have to compete with you friends, of course, if there are like-minded friends, but there is no relationship between competition, mutual exchange of learning, is very helpful to improve together.

fourth: continuous learning. Every webmaster should maintain a learning attitude, because the network is rapid development, while its speed is beyond your imagination, in order to cope with this change, the webmaster should also be constantly learning, can not have the slightest slack, the only way to be more, can always walk in front of me. Of course, the only way to always.

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