when the webmaster six months to sum up experience and lessons: from start doing web site to now just half a year, because it is new, write may not how right.

I think it’s experienced:

outside the chain – do more links, but the premise is link health:

I make links without PR requirements, only dependency requirements. For example, I’m a beauty station, and only links to women related sites.


search engine is included in the data: whether the page snapshot date is within a week; if included every day; included in the article accounted for the proportion of two, such as a website, a website with 100000 articles, 10000 (10%), which included the amount of B site has 10000 articles, 5000 of the amount collected (50%), under such circumstances, I will feel a little higher quality station B.

search engine trends. The website of the amount collected is available in history, do connection, you can first check the station included history, you will find that some stations included although more, but this number has been decreasing, and some stations, although not included, but the numbers have been increasing, so the quality can be judged the other link.

in the chain – to form a network, but also inside the chain itself can control, do not ask for help.

I use the dedecms program, the background has set up keyword links, you can automatically generate the HTML when the default word into links. In this way, not only in the chain more, and users in the reprint article, it is easy to link also reprinted, and in the increase in the chain at the same time also increased the chain.

content – the best original, can not be original, but also pseudo original, even if not pseudo original, at least to change the title and keywords, and there is to insist on updating.

I insist that every update 50 articles about the article, there are few detailed editing, only adjust the order, part I wrote the first and last paragraph, all editing, only to the original and has not the same place. It’s easy to find original content in related forums, and almost all of the content on the web is reproduced.

structure – good site map.

or in order to allow the site to form a network, so that each web page is not isolated web pages. Take my station for example. I’ll make the map at the bottom of each page so that the big frame should be there.

: in order to supplement the latest content search engine can be better included in the site, I made an archive page, to generate, the latest update of the list of articles every day in fact, included on the new content, the effect is very good. This page does not need any artists, only need to list out the article, my "articles archive" page huge ugly, but very useful.

I think it’s a lesson:


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