do a good job of UGC, you need to take the potential, Ming,


this article comes from WeChat public number "Golden Dragon chat operation" (ID:tikuapp), author Sun Jinlong.

today, let’s talk about UGC.

UGC is not a tool product, not a news client, not an electricity supplier or a game. Only rely on good products can not (such as foot note), just rely on business logic can not (such as headlines), but also can not call users every day "come to the message" (such as the United States Mission) UGC is an art, a construction of ecological art.

successfully builds a UGC product, and you need to take the potential, the road and the best.

take the potential

, the birth and death of almost every UGC platform, is accompanied by an explosion of the Internet wave.

0X years, most of the elite are Internet users, all kinds of chat rooms rising. My Chinese teacher in high school is more than 50 year old learned scholars, most love Sina chat room lounge antithetical couplet. Can you imagine? Every day hundreds of people to be in full swing — an antithetical couplet heavy mud blocking Road, on both sides of the master smile back.

, a few years later, the Web2.0 era is coming. The number of people on the Internet has increased further and younger. Flagship star gossip, novel serialized Tianya, mop rise. 06 years, when the moon’s "Ming Dynasty those things" in the horizon of the wine in the history of plate series, traffic quickly exceeded one million.

same period, the increase in base users, so that vertical forum possible. A North founded watercress, secretly began to slow user accumulation. 07 years, Zhang Weiwei will be his new song "Midian" uploaded to the bean, 10 years later, with the wolf in "I am a singer" singing on the fire.

05, 06 years, video, UGC, potatoes, Youku have been on-line. 05 years of Hu Ge Kaige Chen’s "the promise" re edited into a short video "Steamed Buns Massacre", become explosive. But the domestic short video production capacity is too weak. Youku potatoes for a long time can only rely on pirated movies uploaded by users.

over the next few years, Internet users have expanded their base and become a part of ordinary people’s daily life. Web content is becoming fragmented.

10 years, Sina, micro-blog on-line, 4 years later login nasdaq. Micro-blog reduced the difficulty of manufacturing content through 140 word restrictions, further integration of text and pictures, micro-blog products created the "attention" this action, content distribution has a whole new way: Based on the relational chain.

11 years, apple classic iPhone4s release, millet 1 released the same year. Mobile Internet tide coming.

11 years, WeChat released the first edition. 12 years on-line friends circle, 13 years subscription number on-line, the same year WeChat registered users exceeded 600 million. Become the largest user in Asia

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