my China cotton trading network,, has been doing it for more than 1 years. The recent preparation for charging has made me a headache,.


site is currently IP:1500+ (when 2000IP more than half a year to maintain. The textile industry is not good, the recent decrease of IP); I personally think it has a certain amount of capital, so it is ready to pay, I do not hang alliance. GAD does not represent my noble and I will take money to maintain the server


but it’s been a few days since. I’m really annoyed.

Apply for membership information voluntarily submitted

users (the information submitted to the page has said very detailed; the need to pay a membership fee.) but when you really call in the past, the other one charge, attitude changed. Good back says he is in consideration, some directly said charges even


remembers saying: "your customers are people who don’t know the Internet. People who know the Internet really don’t become your customers."

now have a deep understanding of this sentence, summed up the following, we have to do the industry site, there is also a choice; not any industry crowd is so good temper,

first you have to look at the people in your industry. First, analyze the crowd. Analyze the habits. On the analysis website, I think that’s right. Don’t be blind,


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