recently, micro-blog on all kinds of Tucao, onlookers, National Day holiday tour of all kinds of crowded, Gulangyu Islet "fall", West Lake people see the bridge, the Great Wall regardless of internal and external…… It’s a nightmare for travelers who are in it, and there’s no reason not to gloat over the people who are sitting at home.

but also Tucao not solve practical problems, next year’s National Day holiday is still there will be a lot of similar the Imperial Palace tourists over 180 thousand new high one-day open 34 ticket window "report, there will be no! But three years, five years later, I predict and believe, may be due to the development of O2O and some good change, at least some of the attractions will be realized. Oh, I mainly said that the domestic nearly 1000 4A, 5A class scenic spot, I certainly knew that many scenic spots admission ticket already may buy above in Taobao.

analysis of the main causes of congestion, there are three aspects:

1, holidays concentrated, resulting in excessive visitors,

two, offline attractions carrying capacity is limited,

three, order ticket queuing problem, as for what the quality problem here is not an exaggeration

these reasons put out after we will find that the railway service there is a similar problem, especially in the spring holiday traffic is very concentrated, and the railway transportation is also very nervous, resulting in is very crowded, but now because of the gradual push out telephone, network ticket, although there are a lot of problems, but overall ticketing experience or there is a lot of change.

so the conclusion seems very simple: in the future, no matter for what is worth of factors, management costs, or reduce the attractions or to enhance the visitor experience, sum up and train tickets are also standard tickets of scenic spots will implement online booking. As for the implementation of the mode, process and the 12306 is basically the same, is nothing more than online booking, payment, and line tickets or two-dimensional code after scanning into the attractions (line tickets must be compared to the cash is convenient, the key is we don’t have to know all the way to the scenic spots crowded in).

but if only this, it seems not what we like, 12306 of us, we are just the user! So the article writes here not to the climax, then analysis of differences between O2O and 12306 attractions and potential opportunities may bring, of course, more important is to see who might have a chance participate in the construction of the

to go?

differences are also three main aspects:

is a railway resource is the whole country, there is a centralized management mechanism is relatively strong, popular to say it is only a natural to all businesses, centralized, unified, it does not exist the business integration problems, basically only consider the realization problem of technology; but the scenic spots of different resources, do not say a single attraction is independent but at least, is the regional independent, a view >

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