entered the industry in a year and a half, when is the third year at the beginning, not how it entrance seriously, school every day at first is mixed Internet cafes, play some games, then the feeling of the game to waste the time, wasted youth, just want to play something else what happened before, heard that is very interesting to play the hacker, played game time for a study of hacker technology, as a boy (script is the use of a variety of hacking tools) then fell in love with the Pirates of the QQ, but the Pirates of the QQ to have their own space, and then find the free space on the Internet, then every free space are almost tried, also apply for a free two the domain name, then slowly entered the industry website. Hacker research has almost given up.

space and domain name, want to do a personal homepage play, find a lot of personal homepage on the Internet, one by one test, find the discovery in the process that do actually can make money, so do your first website. Calculate the time, it is now almost a year and a half. I’m reading freshman. This time in a year and a half small made more than 30 sites have been acquired, there are no blocked flow slowly close, have forgotten renew the domain name lost, remember when receive the first advertising fee of more than 100 dollars, happy days, he was able to make money. The first site was acquired, at that time seems to be 5000 yuan acquisition, site more than three months, so I was the doings of ghosts and gods do 5000IP. Earn the first pot of gold, so the interest in the website industry is more and more intense. During that time, the college entrance examination is more and more near, the house to the pressure is also growing, so bold with the home showdown, said I can do to support themselves, will not be mixed than those of college graduates, the family was forced to acquiesce to bitter fruit, I grade second fall semester home website, but must go to participate in college entrance examination, I had their own money to buy a computer.

time, the accumulation of technology, the website grew, traffic is also more and more, the industry website also began restructuring attempts, until now, to participate in the college entrance examination period, at their own expense into a university as a self-taught student (name, I hardly go to school), and my website the cause is bigger and bigger, now hand underneath there are several helpers, what period almost content sites have tried, now finally selected industries, my income is also rising, from the beginning of the hundreds of thousands, ten thousand, now a monthly income of more than 60 thousand (2000-3000 day), should also be this is a successful webmaster.

now sum up my experience of this year and a half, because I did not come to the soft Wen, my website I did not write out, and the specific content is not easy to write out.

1, self-learning ability: to do a good job site, self-learning ability is very important, because many aspects of the site to learn, and not every problem to find someone to teach you, so we need a lot of things are self-taught, encountered problems to ask the search engine, Baidu’s slogan is not use Baidu Search, you >

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