content is the core of the web site. To build a web site that is focused on by users and search engines, it must start with the content of the web site itself. In the current era of rapid development of information networks, many low quality information is constantly filled with the entire network, and the search engine to some high quality content is particularly important, as a site optimization staff, how to edit the content of high quality, in order to get more show in the search engine? Today, the author aimed at this problem, combined with the experience of their own, with you to discuss a.

experience 1: Regression search engine

regression search engine is to start from the search engine, and tap the content that meets the user’s real needs. The search engine is a service for the user, the user through the search engine to find information, leave some search records, and we are to make good use of these records, and then according to these records to create some high quality content. For example, when we search for the words "mattress", Baidu will display a series of reference options (see chart), but these options are often in the search keywords user view "mattress" related information, when we try to edit website content, starting from the reference some editing options, meet the needs of users of high quality content, when the article is included in the search engine and get a certain rank, which brought to the site traffic is considerable.

experience two: learn from peer experience

in every industry, have done very successful cases, draw some experience of peers, at the same time into some ideas of their own, can also get the search engine’s preferences in a very short period of time, but also can take some detours. It sounds simple, but specific to the operation we need to refine some work, we must first get good rankings of the content from the starting, statistics, careful analysis, beginning from the title to the content, and then to the main content and conclusion, in addition, we also need to look at the contents page layout although, this has nothing to do with the content, but also one of the factors of the content of the page to get good rankings of. After analysis, according to some of our own views, to improve and expand, and thus summed up a new set of web content editing program.

three experience: unauthorized explanation

usually, a text based article, compared with an article that inserts images at appropriate locations, is much better than the former. Therefore, when we edit the content of the website, we will try to add some pictures to illustrate it. The format of the illustrations is more popular with the users. Just imagine, often in the face of some documents and materials, who will be on a long and minute statement words have some rejection, if appropriate in position on the one or two pictures (Note: the picture to be more beautiful, to play the role of the link. ) when a user is browsing an article, he can quickly understand the big article by means of pictures

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