I used to be a person who didn’t know anything, and said something specific. I used to be a QQ player. (until now, I did not understand how to play QQ) before is to see other people do, I thought, wow, they are good, although they are quite envious, but I never dared to imagine and they like to do a webmaster. Because I estimate a QQ can not play the people, to do the station, it is not wishful thinking.

first contact site, or that I pay a forum, please do not much, also 40 fast, with space domain and build, I saw him at his side to me, I felt I was cheated 40 dollars he was less than 30 minutes to fix. Hey, that is my one day’s wages. I did not know at the time and space domain is money, I think he is pure earn 40. hey, to tell the truth, I hate him at that time for a long time.

came home later, and I learned how to manage my forum like that. I found out that it was hard to do it. Do not say anything else, I did not go to any forum before, at most the most QQ space. I am stupid to what point, just take a post, I’ve been looking for half an hour to understand. Under my own groping. I sent hundreds of posts a night. That’s what I didn’t know. The vest was sent with the administrator’s account number. Hey, second days I went to my classmates and friends show off a lot, because we each will stand, will only make the QQ space. I still had a good time there.

everything is ready. Naturally, the next step is to generalize. I didn’t know until now that it was easy to make a stand, and to push it out was the hardest. I didn’t touch this, don’t know how to get to the promotion, I will know the advertising, in several QQ group in my laughter, each flow to less, it is to scold a lot, because I have sent advertising is shuabing. So the group propaganda failed, and I went to ask some of my friends who knew the website, so they went to promote their website, I just know. The original Baidu also called a stick thing. I’ll go there and post it. Go to the local size theory post. But with little success. My post is no echo, no audio. So my stop was declared a failure.

then I thought it was someone else who did it for me, and if so, even if I did that. It doesn’t make much sense, or do I have to make a station for myself?. So I paid a lot of money, bought a 1G, a NET domain name. And to do a forum, this time I have expanded the scope of the forum, facing the province. But in the Forum building process, encountered a lot of problems, the first thing is to send up, do not show, and later learned that things passed up, but also moved to the root directory. And then there’s the old character that shows some English characters, but later I know it’s no dark database. That is, I build this forum myself, and the question I ask almost sells me space

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