when we are no data, no time to understand the specific situation, there is no energy and money to do various tests, when you want to validate their ideas in the design stage, how to use the fastest way to find design problems and he strangled in the cradle? Next to the content should be of help to you.

I wrote before the text, I hope you can understand that bad design is a variety of reasons, I write the purpose of this article is to explore how to identify rapid design is not good, and avoid the design on themselves. But sometimes it’s bad to know that the design is still happening to you – for reasons you know. Here’s the topic:

I brought an example of this site as a more famous Witkey website, that is, the task of launching the task of the site. This is my first visit to this website. I try to describe my feelings at that time (Psycholagny transposition is a very useful method, imagine yourself as a person, and then began his obscenity encounter such a situation what would, of course, is a more formal role analysis to create a virtual user role):


, a feature that looks like search

first, when I opened this page, the first response was Taobao, because UI was really like it. Add the navigation to the left and the pictures in the center of the page that contain almost no information. I haven’t figured out what this site is for a while.

then, when I want to do what time, I found the upper right corner of the search box in the search text box jump is to illustrate what I don’t understand, why it is called the search on the right to publish content? So I search for a combination of 2 keywords: "program design". Click on the release task and expect the search results to appear……


click the button to jump to a task submission form

The result of the

was more than I had expected. It was putting my input into the input box for the title of the publishing task. My first reaction was that the design was too bad. Note that when you feel like this, it may be a matter of design, but only possible.

when I analyzed and thought, I thought the design was really a problem, but when I did, my first reaction was to ask people. Because I always say, "we tend to think other people are idiots, but we don’t really think we’re idiots," so I generally assume that the design is subtle and not what I found. At the same time, because I don’t know enough about this website, there must be a lot of inconsiderate places. When I asked the insider about this product, I was sure my guess was basically correct.

I connect, mainly for this design, i.

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