how to do a good job of Taobao customers, how to get the most orders with the least amount of traffic, I believe it is the biggest doubt in your mind. In fact, Amoy not now than at first times, this is not only the reason of eliminating the industry, but also because now we become mature concept of consumption, not because of you I just a few single page can readily deal, and this requires that we need to make some changes to the guest operating mode, also the only way to continue to win the market. Then you said at the beginning, how to make optimal use of Taoke mode income? Let’s say a lot of nonsense, get down.

promotion should be innovative, not conventional. This may seem easy to understand, but it’s quite difficult to handle. Because as a general promotion, it is difficult to further promote the way, because the thinking has not yet been opened. Looking at the current business environment, the station or the station is difficult to achieve the ideal ranking in some popular areas, if you want to find the guest way, then their way to promote appropriate changes became the only way. As early as two years ago, Taobao double eleven activities have been a smart friend make use of day earn tens of thousands. The operation method is very simple, is to use the software to discount merchandise information summary, then consumers quickly spread the convenience of psychology, this means no difficulty in technology, but what is the operator could be fully aware of the potential demand of double eleven and first attack, then the same as the guest we should also draw from this event, and constantly adjust our own way of promotion.

Amoy to the pursuit of return rate, even at all costs". The cost of traffic acquisition is much higher than before. After all, because of the industry’s sweeping environment and the maturity of our consumer attitudes, the past has come to pass without a single page. Now we need to make the best use of each traffic and have a tracking service for regular users. We should talk about dressing up at this point, as a guide of the Amoy clothing collocation, which in addition to the traditional search keywords based on user, also a little to gather for users in each article below will have a WeChat public account, like friends can pay attention to the site, pay attention to after the dress will push on time every day Dressing Tips on the article, in addition to these, the dress will make some real precipitation fans to join a Q group discussion group, in which let everyone take share some clothing on the skills, and constantly consolidate its user base, so that we gradually admit their own value. The operation steps of seemingly cumbersome trouble, actually is widely used in current guest means, we should also focus on learning.

promotion channels can not be single, diversification. Today, WeChat, micro-blog and other social media, let us more convenience in obtaining information and communication, which is also a hot spot for guest need to grasp, after all the movement flow where there is the potential value of the transaction, micro-blog as early as large, by digging.