time passed quickly, and in the twinkling of an eye, three years later, and look back on the road to build the station left behind, and there is no big harvest. Money, fame, and so on, basically no, only the little nerve touches. Some pessimistic, some disappointed, think about themselves, also pay a lot for these, time and energy, not less. Why is it that unlike other webmaster website to get full of sound and colour? Some remorse, mind is not fun, do not know now how the feet should cross out, how to walk the road below, I do not know where the future should decide on what path to follow. This may be a lot of the same as I do not have the webmaster think about it.

has encountered many difficulties, do stand in the days, I have teeth survived, it may make a lot of successful people joke, do stand even a little success is nothing, think about yourself, not to talk about their own efforts, assiduously, is yourself on this website on time every day, should also return. But I did not, and I and some webmaster, unknown, silent, so slowly walk their own road, so adhere to, and this is very difficult. There have been successful experience of people certainly know to keep ahead, victory, more bitter, more tired, will not feel what, because in the joy of success can all forget, the harvest is sweet. And we from the beginning to now, have not experienced the pleasure of success, experience the desalination of time, so long to stick to it, need great courage, this is generally successful people are most difficult to understand.

once thought about trying to give up. Since he has no talent in this field and no chance of success, don’t spend too much time and energy on it. But I seem to have done a great deal of emotional standing, it is difficult to give up. There is no way to convince myself, only to continue to adhere to, in these years have done a lot of standing, has not been successful or decent. Basically, all halfway. Some of them have not been able to carry on, and some, for economic reasons, have no way to keep websites running. For example, began to engage in the same birthday, it was conceived to find the same birthday network friends through this website to let users, provide a platform for them to make friends. Our program is based on other dating network for revision, but the overall interface is very clear, the website from planning to operation is one person management, their every day to promote the beginning, has more than 30000 registered users, it will be very happy heart every day, looking forward to a bright future. Later, however, the server hacked and lost all the data. Think of the will is too sad, he worked hard to get to stand on this end, because I have no energy to continue to promote, also don’t have the money to buy advertising, had to give up.

half a year ago, when I was using QQ, I found a lot of net friends collecting a lot of QQ expressions. I was excited and an idea was floating on my mind

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