used CNZZ statistics, a few websites, keywords ranking is also good site, but the result is really very tangled. Although the site keyword ranking is very good, but the site of the amount of visits there is a serious problem, that is, the site’s daily access to IP can reach hundreds, but PV is not much. This means that the site can have so much access, it is entirely caused by keyword ranking, and the general access to the site is open to see the site immediately turn off. How do websites like this talk about the rate of conversion?. Wrote here, I would like to ask, such as the enterprise website, what is the use of enterprises to build a kind of Web site, enterprise website optimization in the end what should be done?. With these questions, let’s analyze the websites I do.

in my website, many are home pages, just a FLASH, and that FLASH design is not very good, there is nothing to attract other people’s place. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the website I was running, I wouldn’t have been looking at other pages of the site.

followed by the very slow opening of web sites. The website design is that it is good, but the users open the website you need to wait more than 10 seconds or even longer, now is what things are efficient, who will go to your website to open ah, believe that more than 90% people will directly after Guan Diaoran next.


is the web site, the site opened a look at what is not only a company name and a few pictures there, and the website design and website how, this estimate is difficult to let users have the interest to other pages. Websites like this end up choosing the next one for the most.

, as mentioned above, is a few cases where the site itself is not ideal. And in these cases there is a common feature is that the site is rarely included in the search engine. The reason and keyword ranking is good, because the site’s age is relatively long, the website weight accumulation is relatively high, some popular keywords on the site within the chain as long as do something very easy to appear in Baidu’s home page.

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