in recent days, the dispute between Warcraft and NetEase has attracted wide attention from all over the world. From here, we can see the prosperity of online game market. The popularity of online games has also led to the development of a number of related industries, such as games, forums and so on. As a result, many webmaster built the game forum, running for some time, many people complain that the flow of the forum is not so much, cold and cheerless.

today, Wangzhuan network and talk about the network game forum how in the shortest possible time to enhance the popularity.

first, the name of the forum should be loud and atmospheric. Site names play a crucial role in whether visitors are interested in your site. Most of the games are young people, so some of the more alternative, innovative name of the site more interested, coupled with the unique design of logo, I believe it will be impressive.

second, web pages open, the speed must be fast. To this end, we must choose a good server, do not skimp on that money, the key issues of investment must be worthwhile. Young people are more impatient, and if your site more than 5 seconds can not be opened all the time, I believe that few people will continue to wait.

third, plate design to be reasonable. Before the plate planning, you must first understand the game, to understand the players encountered some problems in the game process, and more communication with players, to understand the needs of players. It’s best to focus on just one game, improve the service level of the forum, and give the user a good discussion, so that players will consciously advertise to you, and the atmosphere of the forum will naturally rise.

fourth, forum beautification must be professional. If you can’t be an artist, you can find a full-time one for you. Make sure that you feel your website is very beautiful and no one will stay for half a minute on an uncomfortable website. A visual impact on the home page, often makes people feel comfortable, and increase the good impression on the site.

fifth, do SEO. After all, this is a long-term major source of traffic. Learn more about SEO. Each section highlights the key words you want to make, but be careful not to cheat.


learning these things as soon as possible after the operation, start your journey of the forum to promote it, "the flow is king, the contents of the emperor" is always our pursuit, you can only have the flow to create their own value.


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