these two days, busy a website moves. Because the space before was too expensive, and the speed of the visit was not so fast, I decided to change the space. I went to another home to work together. However, the author of the virtual space and the host sharing these things are not very understanding, tossing two days, and finally have to change back, equal to two days of white busy. Today, let’s share the details of these two days of experience:

When the

site moves, it first determines the host environment needed by the program: for example, PHP, ASP, JSP, and.Net. The corresponding version also has many, such as.Net, and 2, 3.0/4.0 and so on. Database commonly used are: mssql (200020032005), usually with the.Net environment used in conjunction with. And PHP is generally used with the majority of mysql. Most of the ASP programs are more convenient with access. The site move must first ensure. What kind of program requirements correspond to the host environment?. In this way, you can ensure that after the site moves, the program can work properly.

Some of the special requirements of the

site program are clear:


is because the return Tesco rebate network ( program has a push (server), and the new space to move into just support this function, it is equal to two days to do things busy, can only be depressed and switched back to long space. The author didn’t notice this before, so the two day move has become a busy job. There are other details, such as some spaces that do not support 301 redirects or pseudo static, and so on. And before the website has done above processing. This is likely to result in change after the weight of the site is dispersed, or a lot of pseudo static error Oh, this may lead to keyword ranking decline, included a large amount of reduction and other issues.

The details of the


because the change space is.Net, the data is MSSQL2005. When changing, the database backup is at 12 noon. Then, to facilitate testing, a two level domain name is enabled to parse onto the new server. The database was backed up at 12. When the test was done, there was no problem. It’s almost 6, just one domain name is also directly resolved into the new space. By 9 in the evening, the service provider learned that the server did not support the push function. So I can only change it back. But the problem arises. The data stored in the old space is ~6 before 12. The new database holds data at 6 ~9. This has been a problem with the database for this time, because database operations are associated with many table structures, and there is no way for the server to merge two databases. Finally, only reluctantly part, two time segments of the database can only choose one. It is necessary to lose a few hours of data, and the author’s website is relatively commercial. Although there is not much popularity for the time being. But >

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