recently, a number of "three spell" domain name acquisition is worth noting, and are related to Alibaba. Not long ago, Ali changed the previous domain name, adhere to the "Ali" series, that is, "ali+a/b/c"……" And other domain name combinations, frequent acquisition of two spell, three spell, digital and other domain names, such as,,, and other domain names, of which has been directed to the wholesale market page. In addition to the two spell domain name and digital domain name, Alibaba seems to shift its focus to the three spell domain name market. Yesterday, webmaster and news that Taobao online shopping, three spell domain name or as protective measures. According to the domain name forum netizen recently acquired information related to the domain name Amoy three, after the acquisition of nearly again low-key "Amoy gang" three related three spell domain name, the six name has not been enabled or pointing.

Taobao, the largest online shopping platform in China, is the largest and most influential business of Alibaba. Taobao acquisition Amoy information, Amoy gang three spell domain name, plus the acquisition of before, just within a month, Taobao bought 7 three spell domain name. Taobao’s acquisition of three spell domain name should be for the future expansion of the business, Taobao information website and further enhance the Alipay plan. Choose a good domain name for the enterprise, you can achieve an enterprise brand, is conducive to better enterprise development in the network segment. Domain name is closely related to enterprise network development and e-commerce. A well-known enterprise pays attention to a domain name, and it will further increase the value of the domain name, and even about the market trend of the domain name market. Alibaba this time a series of three spell domain acquisition, is bound to set off a "three spell" domain name registration and sale of the upsurge.

a few years ago, the domain name resources are relatively more, the number of domestic websites are not many, short and easy to remember domain name website is preferred, such as,,, these large portal are developed at that time. In recent years, the digital domain name, domain name English fewer and fewer resources, Larry domain era. Larry domain in recent years are the domain name market demand, prices have been high. Especially the industry website, classified information website, always thought that Larry domain is the first choice to choose to do the station. Such as Taobao, Ganji General plant and animal Larry domain could also be used to make a station, such as, ant Some sites do not pay attention to the importance of Larry domain in early development, along with the development of re adjustment and replacement, the domain name protection as an important part of enterprise development strategies. For example: a novel starting point Jiayuan network, >.

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