2008 is destined to be an extraordinary year, from the earthquake to the snowstorm in early May to the victory of the Olympic Games held to spread to the global financial crisis, each of which closely affects every people’s heart.

my spare time in 2008 March founded the website of my 5 star network composition the public interest, although not too much traffic, but after all, is a small their intentions to do, so I feel happy, because we are trying to


from the original one struggling to the present, 3 people team combat, plus a spare time to help friends, finally managed to have a small team to develop web site, than a person to save time and more. One year time is not long, not too short, in this year, helped me and supported me a lot of friends, I would like to thank my colleagues, especially thank an elder sister and sister Luo, two of them give up the rest time to help me organize students to write a composition, for enrich the website, thanks here: you have worked hard. In a year’s time, many webmaster friends also selfless support and help me website development, stationmaster net hadron dude and graph king boss also from time to time to look at, to encourage you, it can be said that without the help and support from friends, maybe I have to give up. As a result, I send my warmest wishes to my friends on New Year’s Day: the webmaster net is getting more and more fire, all the webmaster friends receive RMB during the day and earn US dollars at night.


site in this year also experienced some bad, if the server is not stable, often cause the website does not open, eventually change little high-grade server OK, Google alliance two was closed account, do not know which friends and me, someone malicious clicks, killing thousands of yuan income to become a bubble, so the station no longer put Google Advertising alliance. Maybe these little money for high income webmaster friend is nothing, but for a small webmaster like me (amateur webmaster) is still a money.

website by the first few IP to over a thousand, also considered the development of "small achievements" it. After all, we are not as familiar with the Internet as those cattle people. But it’s one hundred and eight thousand miles away from our goal, and that’s why we worked hard in 2009.

founded a web site, the first payment is time and energy, I put almost all his spare time on the whole site, tried to members (long plan) had thought of before the old partner stayed here before development, but considering some people will eventually give up. Baidu has not been included in the worry, and in order to increase traffic and optimize, in order to engage in more content and copy other people’s content on the site, and ultimately no effect, nothing to come to nothing.

stands for a year, summed up a sentence: "do website, only efforts to add original works can be successful, and count on other people’s children call you dad, it is impossible!"


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