Abstract: but maybe someone will think so: "my money has also been criticized, the world how such a thing? He is how red, bengguan after what, now I was red!" borrow treasure, is to think about how to live in the future, at least the first stop the downtime this oolong.

A weekend just past the

, financial Jun was 13 typhoon SOUDELOR " " blowing in a complete mess, could not find the north. These two days also leads to confusion, WeChat swept the circle of friends to go by like the wind speed, and it’s Jiuding investment and lending treasure, and crazy " accompanied 2 billion envelopes to slobber battle ".

everything started in August 8th……

August 8th is an auspicious day, WeChat launched a free cash day, and another unknown APP loan treasure launched a field named " pull friends to grab a red envelope, easy to play for " activities. I believe most people and small series, originally thought that this is a minor, P2P enterprise ziyuzile activities, after no echo……

however, things are not so developed. According to the announcement, the rules are: you are A, recommended B, download, registration, and lending treasure to bind bank card, you can get 20 yuan; B recommended C, B received 20 yuan, you get 10 yuan; C recommended D has nothing to do with you, no longer benefit. In the active page of the award description is more attractive: invite 100 new users, each invite 100 people, you can get more than 100 thousand yuan reward.


When the

campaign started, it didn’t have any eggs. Because the day, because lending treasure scene too hot and suffered " down ". Please help yourself to the online booking of Spring Festival tickets…… Some netizens said, lending treasure APP rapid rise in August 8th Apple store financial software download ranking to the first, even beyond the Alipay! According to the universal circle of friends from the spy reported that at the same time there are about 30000000 registered users. If true, the process of estimating the cost of borrowing treasure was difficult for the apes last weekend.

and so on, people ask Xiao Bian, write so much, you still do not see chunqiangshezhan, tuomohengfei scene? Tell me don’t worry, slobber accompanied by reward and unexpected downtime and crazy.

, that’s your drool and cursing,


for puzzling red up borrowing treasure, the outside of its query and saliva is mainly divided into the following, and borrow treasure also one by one response:

(1) borrowing treasure is MLM? In this regard, the official statement of the loan treasure pointed out that the subsidy mechanism for user activities only two levels, from the legal compliance point of view, is not a pyramid scheme, can only count

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