foreign trade B2C mall has 2 kinds, one is platform type mall, one is self built mall. There are 2 types of platform mall, one is dhgate network of this type of small wholesale and retail platform, known as the B2B platform, in fact, should be B2B2C platform, but also a form of B2C. There is a aliexpress, eBay this type of platform, can be called the true B2C platform, because the main retail (wholesale is actually no problem), this is the 2 form of platform type mall, self mall businesses are not allowed to sell things on its own platform, such as Lanting Pavilion, the set of potential Milan network, Focalprice etc.. Until now, the traditional B2B sites like, also follow the path of B2C, so in the next 5 years, Shenzhen foreign trade promotion company network madman think that B2B will be limited to industrial products and customized products, other products will go to B2C road. Factory outlets will be more popular, and traditional dealers will gradually transform into information providers and after-sales service providers.

get to the point, not to say how the platform type mall, said self built mall, I heard a lot of suppliers complained to me: "we supply a great advantage, we have built their own foreign trade mall, but why not sell it?" I said, do you think of this several factors you? The product is suitable for B2C? Your price for your product? For shipping? Demand for your products in overseas markets in the fierce competition?? if you find the right person, how much do you expect to trade mall to the overseas market demand? You know, if you understand the overseas network marketing? Your budget meets your expectations? What is more important is whether you are suitable for this mode of


if the above issues are made clear, you can begin to do it, and you do 90% will be successful, even if you do not succeed, you will be prepared in advance. Never mind if you are still not clear, and you can find a can understand this a series of problems of experts, let them help you fix. Finding the right person is the key to all the problem solving.

but the above problems can be solved in very few, no one is perfect, so we are looking for cooperation, looking for funds, looking for talent, integration of resources. So when you suddenly step into this strange industry from a familiar industry, you find that the industry is not as beautiful as you think, and you have too many things to learn. When do not know how to make a decision, do not know how to carry out the work, began to confusion, this time will go to the training class, after coming back, think you click into place, what all understand, then started, but after the discovery, the original more unknown problem waiting for you at this time, the electricity supplier marketing training has not solve any problems. Then, finding a consultant or outsourcing is the top priority.

why do you want to find an advisor for a foreign trade mall?

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