LivingSocial’s operating loss for the first quarter was $44 million, down about half of the same period last year. Washington Business Journal quoted sources as saying that LivingSocial had reduced the cash burn rate of its operating cash to $1 million, and that this trend will continue. LivingSocial has been working hard to cut spending. Last November, LivingSocial cut 10% jobs, equivalent to 400 layoffs.

, the document also showed that Amazon led by the beginning of this year, major shareholders of LivingSocial $110 million injection. Amazon’s current round of buy site $56 million injection.


when the station released when Ali Mama advertising on the site, if there is no one to buy advertising, or not display click on ads, by default, is that Taobao customer advertising, this can be said to be one of his strengths. Because he displayed Taobao connections, are with your Ali mother’s PID, there are users through the click of this ad, enter the purchase, you can actually be divided into.

unfortunately, over the past few days, I have seen has shown is Ali mother hot women supplies Taobao advertising, it seems that this is really a chicken ribs mom, I have suggestions for the official, hope they fix as soon as possible. Following is a customer service mail reply screenshot.

, founded in 2007 and around LivingSocial, has raised $918 million in cash over the past 6 years. While LivingSocial’s valuation has shrunk dramatically, existing investors still want to keep LivingSocial running, not closing it down. LivingSocial CEO Tim · O Seaan Hei Si Tim OShaughnessy in this year’s 2>


Beijing on April 27th news, according to foreign media reports, Amazon on Friday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC submitted to the 10-Q documents show that the United States second group purchase website LivingSocial in the market still faces challenges. The first quarter of this year, LivingSocial revenue of $135 million, an increase of 23%; but a net loss of $50 million, less than the previous year’s net profit of $156 million.

Amazon stressed in the 10-Q document that the company currently holds about 29% of LivingSocial’s stake. LivingSocial’s losses in the first quarter caused Amazon’s performance to be negatively affected by $17 million.

changed to Taobao show men’s clothing – T-shirts, so save later, should be in effect, Ali mother automatic display of Taobao customers should be men’s Taobao advertising.

;     joined the Taobao union to make money immediately

article source 399u reprinted, please indicate the source

guidanceLivingSocial Q1 net loss of $50 million, has been a total of $110 million Amazon and other shareholders injected.


but he’s a real weakness, too. To my small station, most of the visitors are dominated by men, so I add text, Taobao connections are mainly men’s clothing, income is not bad, a good day, but also down a few dozen dollars.

online group buying market is very optimistic about the current situation. The first group purchase website Groupon released in February this year, the 2012 fourth quarter financial results, the company posted a loss of more than market expectations, and the company founder and CEO Andrew · Mason Andrew Mason and turnover because of the poor performance. Groupon is currently striving to transform itself into a local business provider with a wide range of directions.


so I moved my head and set the default ad position for Ali’s mom.

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