"but fill in the credit card in regular shopping."

JustFab customer service representative said, if the user is not logged in site 1 to 5 days each month, and choose not to buy this month "Skip the month words, 6 days in the month will deduct $39.95 membership fee.

, however, is equally appealing: in user feedback, JustFab has repeatedly been accused of "fraud" and has been brought to class by consumers. Today, in the news aggregation site Hacker News, the editor again see the user to JustFab as "fraud", but also triggered a large number of thread.

Wenxun Hacker News users today in the website posted angrily: "eight months, brother’s girlfriend JustFad in what is not, it will be deducted monthly $39.95!" this is the netizen posting again: "with the JustFab negotiations before, but their customer service representatives unexpectedly refused to refund. So I firmly post again, expose the" fraud "

important terms intentionally mislead users


bought nothing but $39.95 a month,

the reason is actually JustFab’s VIP member project system. This has been the industry known as "tight customer" mode, in the actual operation, but why become consumer complaints as "fraud", a target for all? VC whether they just saw a gorgeous JustFab

The , you already have a beautiful home online? It maybe after you carefully "decoration", has a beautiful interface, rich content, reasonable structure, but a deserted house, every day only a few guests baba. Is that strange? Well done, how come no one comes home? Don’t be discouraged, it’s only because your home page lacks enough publicity. How to publicize their own home page, in order to improve the access rate, so that their hard work up the website famous? Please look at the seven homepage "boast" trick:

A, to the search engine registration

this method believe that many users have tried, but found that the effect is not obvious, why? There are no more than three reasons: first of all, there are so many search engines on the Internet that it is impossible to register one by one. With addweb and other registration software, may not help you all register successfully. Second, if you’re doing a Chinese homepage, how many foreign friends will visit your home page after you have registered the famous foreign search engines Yahoo, excite and so on? Once again, if someone goes to these engines to query, the results can be hundreds of thousands of queries. If your home page isn’t the top one, then check it out until you find your home page Therefore, only by this method to improve the access rate, is waiting.

two, in advertising exchange organizationAt present, there are many online


women’s popular website JustFab successfully raised $76 million after its C round of financing negotiations. This is called "can hold customers" electricity supplier company, since its establishment in 2010, financing more than 139 million U. S. dollars, quite noticeable.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan


in the absence of shopping under the premise, JustFab will still deduct VIP membership fee each month, this problem is also the largest customer complaints. In the consumer complaints platform Scambook, the customer’s monthly fee for the JustFab message is still everywhere. The latest complaints took place in the late September. The total of 113 complaints, almost all about the JustFab members are unwarranted deductions every month, the amount of refund is less than one month, and more than 10 months.

" behavior!


clause states that when consumers pay for a purchase at JustFab, they also appear on the right side of the address and credit card information page.

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