, the company will seek to be listed, then build a modern company management and

features: the case of entrepreneurs can not be willing

then call the overwhelming condemning came. Say I am cabbage price, BS, and so on. Sure, I take the price of Chinese cabbage, but am I unfair?

today, I made another purchase post in the link trading jar. In the past, my post has always received good responses, but this time it was basically abusive.

After the introduction of venture capital into

but why are so many people disgusted with my remarks? The reason is this. First, I actually shouted 1 yuan this price is low, but people have not scold me, share the hows and whys of a matter you are,? Would you buy it? I guess you even a piece of this money are not willing to. Second, I hurt those to the PR value as a standard of exchange of people’s heart. To be honest, we do know that the first garbage station relies on sh419 is not GG, your PR value high, sh419 included and not updated frequently, we buy links people, very useful? Is that some people will attach great importance to the PR value, but everyone has their own use, they are according to the GG rankings. A PR value for more than 4 of the station, I think a few now, but such a "major", a day IP less than 100, hang a 468*60 ad only 10 dollars a month, he is to offer a few text links, if you buy, you think I value? Feel quite value. But I’m just the buyer. I don’t think it’s worth it. I can’t buy it, but you think you’re worth it and you can’t sell it. This is between the two sides, no one forces you. >

, you’d better change your mind and think about it. Even if you don’t change it to the buyer’s point of view, you can also analyze it. A long-term not updated snapshot sh419, included a number of small, is what kind of station? You will feel this station is often updated? You will find this site useful really? Don’t speak nicely, I feel shy to take this stand out to sell some people may agree with me! The point of view, this site also nachulaimai ridiculous, but in fact, there really such a big pile of people every day, and take a lot of such a domain name to sell out. How much do you think he can pay for such a link factory?

1, Kung Fu

McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried chicken are popular in China, and the Chinese restaurant chain has been indignant. Some people are jumping out to challenge foreign fast food. From ten years ago, "Red Sorghum" to the current very prosperous "real kung fu", "Red Sorghum" has long been unknown, "real kung fu" seems really a little Kung Fu, more and more chain stores.

enterprise founder Cai Dabiao Kung Fu Reds second jailed for 14 years, intends to auction 41% equity debt zhengongfu. This will be a case in the history of Chinese private enterprises, and it will also be a case in the history of Chinese VC. Cai Dabiao after the accident, Cai Pan both sides of the real Kung Fu scramble for confusion, so that today’s capital can not withstand the pressure of shareholders, and opt out.

bitter strife

entrepreneur’s lesson: there is no eternal brother, only eternal interests,


with the company name, August 2009, "Kung Fu" headquarters in Guangzhou after a Kung Fu Show, in the investment community and business circles a sensation: founder and major shareholder of the company Pan Yuhai appointed his brother Pan Guoliang as "Fu Zong manager", and sent to the headquarters office, but was "Kung Fu", the actual controller chairman Cai Dabiao refused, caused a violent dispute.


VC lesson: equity structure is reasonable, is an important basis for judging the quality of the project

look again, my price is really cabbage? A sh419 included 2000 pages of the station, if your PR value is 0, I ask 6 dollars, very low? Not more than most of the low bar. Not too low,

VC Chinese in history, there are a lot of full of blood and tears of the case, such as bokee, etang etc.. What are the lessons that entrepreneurs and VC learn from them? What’s the reference and inspiration for entrepreneurs?

first, come and see what I’ve said. I said today that the PR value is no longer the standard to buy links, I bought this link, just watch the number of sh419, update frequency, site time and export the chain. Then I set the price, sh419 included less than 500 yuan, sh419 snapshot 5 days -10 days, to 1 yuan, 3 days -5 days, to 2, snapshot within 2 days, to 3. I did not enumerate the price reference, and then said the next included 2000 pages, snapshots within 2 days, to 6. Anyway, that’s the kind of standard.


to sort out the "real kung fu" management rights contradictions, but also from the beginning. In 1994, Cai Dabiao and his friend Pan Yuhai opened a "168 steamed goods store" in Dongguan, Changan, and gradually moved to the national chain. They changed their name to "double seeds" in 1997 and eventually changed their name to "true Kung Fu"". The ownership structure of real Kung Fu is very simple, 50%, Cai Dabiao and his wife Pan Minfeng Pan Yuhai’s elder sister each account for 25%. In September 2006, Cai Dabiao and Pan Minfeng agreed to divorce, Pan Minfeng gave up his 25% stake in custody for their children, so that Pan Yuhai and Cai Dabiao two stake has thus become a 50:50.

2007 "real kung fu" introduced two venture capital funds: domestic Zhongshan linkage and foreign capital today, a total of 300 million yuan of funds injected, each accounted for 3% of the shares. Thus, after financing, the ownership structure of "real kung fu" became: CAI and pan accounted for 47%, VC accounted for 3% respectively, and the board of directors had 5 seats, which constituted 1 directors of Cai Dabiao, Pan Yuhai, Pan Minfeng and VC.

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