because he is from Nantong, Nantong famous artist, famous nationwide. I believed in what he said and began to entrust him with the job.

careful people can be found, this is a kind of brand marketing strategy, in 2004 the fire of Dao Lang, Long Pang, the smell of its people first heard the sound of the strategy, songs in the network quickly became popular, they are selling off, regardless of criticism or praise, they are a fire, by the way the fake "knife Lang" said a fire robbery, also came along for the ride. These quickly became popular singer from the beginning of the heard and not seen, to the end of the frequent appearances in the media, interviews, concerts, publicity, gossip, speculation, and misfits before low-key style, showing its marketing strategy.

9FLASH Yang Tao, a 9flash flow is how to practice the "articles, many webmaster read, not only their own 9FLASH brand marketing. And it adds traffic to the site. What he writes is exactly what our stationmaster likes. Yang Tao is an absolutely intelligent person, he very early pays attention to own website brand marketing, originally has given the website for oneself the slogan, hit "loves you to be like the mouse to love rice", he has written down his experience. Has been recognized by everyone, in the reader’s mind has a brand. His brand will naturally improve. And his text >

recently appeared in DONEWS., "Pang" frequency, and its own BLOG recruitment also hit China first. Every company has also praised the new people coming in on the BLOG, and the most eye-catching is the "join us, 3 years, you are expected to become a millionaire, the pang of overcrowding," land of idyllic beauty, high pay, high salary, boss of the legend ", attract everyone’s attention. Pang is a very sharp, very understanding of the new-new generation, and his right-hand man is good at TU network marketing master, and in BLOG it’s love of zhouyi. In China, few have heard of IT, but also excel in zhouyi.

when I found this thing, I am angry unbearable, kick him several feet, buckle a few hundred dollars, out. This is the first worker I used in Nantong.

the doctor said, this is your thing, you are dead on the package to suit me, I must be a decoration is not easy to achieve satisfactory, you can not regret it; she said that I had to do, dumb, Renzai.

the second batch of Nantong workers is to pull the horse, three carpenter two painters, this batch of woodworking craft are not good, but not bad, not very delicate, is not very rough, like temperature and boiling water, and like the patient, die die, live:

opened in 2006 the first live is a typical garden 110 square meters of second-hand housing, then I do not live, I die with material hydropower package price of 3500 yuan, the female owner is the first hospital doctors, like catch cheap, layout socket switch 157, plus double control lamp 2.5 light wires up to eighteen volumes, the pipe material is more than 100 meters, the plumber called me the materials sent directly, after checkout, Tang master dry for three days with me, can’t do this, half a packet of money even wages are not enough, he is slotted opened more than 300 meters, is said to have it, I was on the big head, he is the old water electrician, is when the owner did not feel any clarification, how do three days of such a thing.

whether traditional or emerging IT network, we should pay attention to brand marketing. Learn how to sell yourself and maximize your returns with minimal cost.

even the basic quantity can not feel it, so the plumber damn wooden club, but then made better than nothing to do with it, ah, find ah.

personal Adsense is very good at pulling traffic way, nothing more than ad bulk. Forum posts, smashing money, these means, but it can play a role, but the need to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources.


, I’ll go all over the world looking for a skilled master. Just met Jia table on his wife’s uncle boasted the named Ma Nantong, we had once, he rent a house to rent near us, no public garden to sit down and chat to chat I have no workers things, his eyes shining, said that the two of us to cooperate, you answer me in charge of live dry, I can take a number of good craft workers.

, I immediately called the owners bargaining, I say we are package die, but you also need to be controlled, generally as big as your house around 60 outlets almost, you can not wrap so much money.

is writing the title. Many people click to see, is very curious. It doesn’t seem possible for me to make any money from a personal station. Now I’ll tell you, it’s quite possible. Many webmasters think. The website wants to make money, begin with flow first. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, as the site to make money, not from the flow began. It starts with the brand.

this person gave me the trouble is all sorts of strange things, not enough to make the wire pipe, water pipe with wire tube, cover to cover even a wire tube, only a few dollars, dozens of fucking water, willing to take deceptive ah; the water pipe to the gas pipe line; tube bending without spring directly bend, not into the wire slot do not pull out. Sell the whole reel of wire, then pull the old wires out at both ends, connect to a metre of new wire, and bring the wire in to deceive others.

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