spawned two schools:

The higher the popularity of

is the original second-hand car loan platform disdain for small businesses can not be blind, the focus is now second-hand car business competition, on the basis of the second-hand car trading platform, then take advantage of creating financial platform and car sale >

in addition, I would like to make my views public and take charge of the matter. One of the advantages of creating a new VC company – or any startup – is that you’re starting from scratch to create a better new project. Perhaps the standards given by BGF Ventures are not always correct, but we do want to set standards as far as possible between VCs and founders.


The cruel reality of

many people do not understand the business logic of O2O, but based on two points: first, subsidies to pull users how to maintain the loss model, and two is how to realize the loss of money users, the two are actually the same thing.

let’s go back to the origins of the problem. To get money from VCs, entrepreneurs need pitch campaigns. In pitch, start-ups need to provide large numbers of commercially sensitive information transaction data, development plans, and important employees to many people. This has long been common in the VC industry, but this behavior has made the founder feel that his business is vulnerable

Abstract: when you meet VCs, make sure the nature of the conversation, such as "we want to raise millions of dollars," we think you might be a leading investor in our company. We are in the early stages of the financing round, so we ask you not to disclose this information to others." If there are multiple investors in the same round of financing, you must control the dialogue.

no entrepreneur can worry about a confidentiality issue without contact with vcs. After all, they need to gradually realize that the decision is in the hands of the entrepreneurs themselves. The venture industry itself is fiercely competitive and the reputation of investors among founders is also important. Honesty is the key moral principle to remain competitive.

drops, Uber, is on the rise is as big as the new, new and second-hand car business is the same, the latter has theoretically more mature than sharing travel commission mode, such as second-hand car electricity supplier 3% Commission, but this part of the revenue is less than Cover operating costs, but also with the form of activity returned to the user. Change can be said, unless the maintenance, insurance and other services is rapidly maturing, or commercial closed-loop second-hand car company would have to find another way.

the next outlet is hidden in the PR release, it sounds fine irony, but it makes sense, since last year, a large number of car related Internet Co have announced to enter the automobile finance.

O2O, the farther away it is to make money,

this question is very distressing to me. Obviously, this means that VCs have a crisis in the image of the founder. The problem is even worse, There are no waves without wind. Either way, we’re going to have a negative impact.

sent to the big drops and Xinmei as the representative, is not afraid of things, in the burn on crossroads could not go back, drops toward the whole travel platform development, new high towards full life service platform and a product loss, he developed a more money products, anyway demand has the traffic flow have users, users have

another fight is the existing users dig and realize, the fulcrum is financial, but the tuyere has shifted from car insurance to car loans.

Abstract: in the 345 line of the city’s second-hand car electricity supplier will be Ali and Jingdong set off a wave of electricity supplier to the countryside after another outbreak of the scene, and the beginning of the car finance.


, the founder, has been seeking financing for the past three months. He met with some venture capitalists. Some of the people were so honest that he began to worry.

sometimes, the fundamentals of our actions are questioned. In a recent industry group meeting, an embarrassed entrepreneur made me think seriously about the operations of VC companies.

"I found that the purpose of some people meeting me was actually to come up with information, and then tell the VCs to invest in my rival company. We need to strengthen the moral standards of the industry risk investment norms? "He asked this question.

Ali car loan is a natural product of seconds after the ant payment service user + credit rating + big data of wind control forming, car loan platform easy to drive the car home and is focusing on the original accurate customer focus on the realization of.

at the group meeting, in view of the amount of feedback I have on hand, I can only respond briefly to his questions. As far as I am concerned, I want to have an open dialogue within the industry about the VCs’ performance that the founders expect. If we can figure out what kind of behavior is desirable and which is undesirable, then the founder can confidently question some of the wrong vcs.

but this time, the challenge is not Ma vowed to change the traditional bank finance is not full of BAT, but the hands of users, the emerging O2O business online has a powerful fulcrum.

from the small net loan Zopa hand Uber, safe over the car home, car and Tencent, the Jingdong strategic cooperation, to Ali car loan 2 seconds on the line, all car financial strategy started, and has been playing the Shenzhou car rental and car and car loan business quietly on the line of flash, long time stay in the new auto finance outlet PR level twelve typhoon was finally blowing.

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