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for the future development of the community is the future direction of efforts to explore, cattle class will become a very important platform for the output of musical talent, not just the band output of talent, also may be an important output platform for music players." Hu Yanbin introduction. >

now, "music magician" Hu Yanbin once again set out, began his Internet cross-border trip. In January 19th, Hu Yanbin attended the "class APP" on-line conference, launched the first domestic and foreign star mobile internet music teaching products.

Talking about the "

according to Hu Yanbin estimates, the online education dish is probably around 55 billion, if the music can account for 10% of the share, it means that the class shake is a 5 billion 500 million market.

chose the field of online music education as the incision, because Hu Yanbin saw the market of online music education of imagination, "at present is still in the sea of blue Chinese of online music education."

class" profit model, Hu Yanbin said, not a product is always "Lei Feng spirit", class to find a profit model is too easy, but the need to build the stages, through free and open mode, let more people into the experience of this product.

now, "I am a singer" the third season in full swing, from Jonathan Lee’s "the hills" to Zhang Yu’s "a long story", Hu Yanbin tried to subvert the classical music style map. His brilliant performance quickly conquered the diverse audiences of age span.


second, that is, foreign linkworth, advertising model is also more, and more are linked to the sale and BLOGPOST, that is, topic advertising, you can price your own. You can also apply for your own ad, and then wait for the other party to agree to write. Linkworth platform charges about 30% commission. From the experience of itbruce, the link is not easy to sell, especially Chinese blog, it is better to blog in English as well as originality, and PR is higher at the same time. After all, the English platform, so to do English website friends to join this advertising alliance is a good choice, there are also advertisements in Chinese, not too much. Topic advertising is a good way to earn money for personal blogs.

According to Hu Yanbin

in talks about a "class profit model, Hu Yanbin said, not a product is always" Lei Feng spirit ", class to find a profit model is too easy, but the need to build the stages, through free and open mode, let more people into the experience of this product.

about other blogging ways to earn money, and later share with you. Welcome to communicate with me and share your experience. Article original since: itbruce/feedsky/ reprinted, indicating the source, thank you. First A5.


, "the present" class teachers’ lineup, has invited Tan Weiwei, David Tao, Harlem Yu, Han Hong and other singers joined the team of teachers, and all courses are free for users to download and accompaniment."

in fact, this is not the first time Hu Yanbin play Cross in early 2014 January, Hu Yanbin founded the independent music label "song culture", pushing new. A year later, Hu Yanbin launched the "APP class".

is a free internet music teaching products, class APP is a collection of music teaching, star song practice recording, found work sharing interactive function. The teaching content is divided into vocals, piano, guitar, drums, Beth five most, every song in APP set a track tuning function, as long as the use of mobile phone users to open the APP, you can choose to learn singing, playing guitar or drums, watch music expert hand teaching video.

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