1 "feels a few million misses after leaving"

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experienced group purchase and vertical electric business failures in September 2011, I was in College alma mater Central University of Finance and Economics and classmate sales agent May day tickets to 500 thousand yuan fare. This can take us several elder brother to worry out of desperation, I thought of a stupid way — launched know all the students on campus, call one by one! Good conditions to ten thousand or twenty thousand, less than one thousand of the two thousand, the results with the three day just reached 500 thousand yuan. Think very scared, but with the current point of view that is actually very like now all the chips. For some partial industry, low risk projects, to find friends and relatives borrow money, entrepreneurship is the most realistic choice. The TMT project can be helped by the public to raise the strength of the site, such as: roll call time, dream network, recently there are Chinese enterprises on the project KickStarter case.


two dimension hand travel in the second half of 2016, the rapid increase in heat, many traditional game companies began to turn to the two dimensional game.

it is worth noting that, in addition to Hangzhou Skye 1 million yuan Angel round of financing in 2012, Micha tour would no longer make public financing, but wait for listed on the main board.

after reselling concert tickets, we do group purchase website and ticketing experience based on the design of a product: a music electronic ticket distribution system. This is a Java programming distribution platform, and this is my first time to find technical partners. Starting from the circle of friends is a good choice, but what do you do when you need no personal contacts in? As we do now with the mobile phone game is the unity3D engine, the personnel qualifications need to be very professional, but also need to have the successful project experience. After a variety of ways to try, I found the most effective one: group search. For example, you want to find the unity3D main program, using group search function, the key is set to unity, select Beijing City, so you can add all of Beijing’s unity technology exchange group, can be the most rapid access to tens of thousands of front-line senior programmer. Then take a moment to find someone you like, cultivate a relationship for a while, and end up talking about your dreams and what you’ve done.

Milkha travel prospectus, intended to raise funds 1 billion 200 million 22 million 29 thousand yuan, the number of issued shares is not more than 22 million 222 thousand and 222 shares, the total issued share capital of the company after no less than 25%. To raise funds will be mainly used for the collapse of game development and promotion, the collapse of the IP pan entertainment product development and operation, the company’s technology research and development, IP operation base construction and the working capital of the company added. Among them, the highest is online games, new product development 405 million 370 thousand yuan, followed by game promotion operations 174 million 470 thousand yuan.

distribution system has generated millions of turnover with the efforts of the team, including customers of the United States, rice, and hand holding companies

if in 2016, the NetEase’s "Yin Yang division" dyed the half of the two dimensional game, then in the spring of 2017, a IPO application for the tour was to completely ignite the industry.


No.2 look for key technology partners?

"at the end of 2015, has been in preparation for the tour Milkha IPO," 2 "to the success of the company to collapse from the stage to jump directly to the profitable stage, the project has continued the explosive force, let the company have not rely on external financing." Chen Fei expresses.

at present, this game is known as "collapse Gakuen" series of the company has entered the IPO phase of the audit, the company’s overall valuation of about 3 billion 667 million yuan, 28.8 times earnings reached in 2015. If the IPO is successful, you will become Micha Gigabit, second independent listing of A shares on the main board game company.

What about the initial start-up funds for


No.3 build prototypes quickly,

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"the first team Micha tour who will vote? The results we are now beginning to regret missed. Just like the B station in that year, although many people have seen it, they don’t have that vision." A few days later in the tour Micha to deliver proposed IPO application, and a business platform Micha tour leader Chen to the number of entertainment and DreamWorks reporter laments.

2012, Micha tour company by the three Shanghai Jiaotong University Graduate House technology was established in Shanghai. Prospectus online, which is a cartoon, comics, games and novels and other products as the carrier, deep plowing two dimensional culture of Internet culture enterprises. The main business is based on the original "collapse" IP game developers and operators, comics, animation and light novels and other Internet cultural products.

many entrepreneurs are laymen, they grope and grow in the process of practice. Here I introduce a prototype tool three is fast, product managers commonly used software for thinking: analysis of Mindmanager, used to quickly build demo interface Axure, and the rapid construction of 3D model shlf1314sketchup3D. These three software is easier to get started, commonly used in various industries, to record your elegant thinking, clear the line, do not make yourself dizzy.

How does

if you can reverse, so 5 years ago in Shanghai, founded by the three Shanghai Jiaotong University Technology house called Micha tour game company, will likely become all investors chasing the meat and potatoes.

No.4 low-cost marketing how to cut into the

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