because the recent spring rain doctor founder Zhang Rui died of myocardial infarction, triggered a ring of lament and discussion within the entrepreneurial circle, entrepreneurs pressure and physical and mental health concern.

entrepreneurship and innovation of these two things is undoubtedly great, because any country, any enterprise or group if left of entrepreneurship and innovation in the spirit of the two, then there is no doubt that there will be no vitality, no progress, no breakthrough, no subversion, no growth.

third dimensions – Software cycle

in fact, the emergence of an emerging interactive approach requires four stages:

government to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, I think this is a good thing, but when the public slogan of entrepreneurial innovation peoples shout out, become a slogan or sports, I am afraid in what China is a movement.

Venture capital circle

4 hardware became the Red Sea and gradually marginalized, software ruled the whole ecology.

, PC and mobile Internet era Software >

below is Yu Minhong’s complaint: after heading adds

below is the roadmap for the development of the PC and mobile Internet historical cycles. I will share my understanding of the map from three dimensions hardware, connectivity, and software.

in 2016, slightly deserted and very lively: one side is broadcast, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, bicycle, etc. the concept of sharing the sea dazzling; the other side emerge in an endless stream, confusion, anxiety continues to spread. Entrepreneurs and investors are lost at the crossroads.

1 the generation of epoch-making hardware products is dominated by hardware vendors hardware standards;

second dimensions – connection cycle

so far, Chinese soon after two complete cycles of Internet interaction, basically every interaction for a period of 10 years: 1999 -2009 PC Internet development cycle; 2008 -2018 for the mobile Internet development cycle.

as you say, history is always strikingly similar. China’s Internet has been developing for more than 20 years, and many of its business has been the same.


on the one hand, he believes that entrepreneurship is like a long-distance drive, the situation is full, new challenges constantly, how to look at these unexpected conditions, is the necessary experience in the process of entrepreneurship, but also an important way for entrepreneurs to grow. On the other hand, said that success is a Kung Fu in the outside things, entrepreneurs need to broaden their horizons, enlarge the pattern, have a more overall grasp and understanding of entrepreneurship.

Sina Technology Li Jie finishing reported

1, from history, we can see the rise and fall of

these two days, everyone in the entrepreneurial circles of the most important thing is the spring rain, the doctor’s Zhang Rui because of myocardial infarction died, triggered the discussion about the pressure of entrepreneurship.

we are in the "mobile internet interaction cycle is coming to an end, yet the rise of new interactive cycle stage, users grow more slowly, the flow of more and more expensive, so we will be new people as the main investment direction is to find new traffic from nature.

the first problem is waste of resources. The government has put in a lot of resources and our so-called successful entrepreneurs have put in a lot of time and effort. In fact, entrepreneurship is regular, you put in

but when we put entrepreneurship and innovation into a sentence everyone shouting slogans, that regardless of population, regardless of population, when all the flicker to the channel in years, it has formed many problems.

first dimension – hardware cycle

completed at the Peking University global innovation and entrepreneurship students center ceremony, Peking University Alumni Yu Minhong around New Oriental entrepreneurial experience and recent insights, describes the thinking about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial quality.

business is not fast,

each connection cycle will also go through three stages: from information interconnection to payment interconnection, and then to logistics interconnection.

3 software ecology has gradually taken shape, hardware vendors gradually marginalized, software vendors rise;

* China PC and mobile Internet development cycle table pictures provided by respondents

I think, when we see the future trend and development direction in the future, might as well from the perspective of historical development of the Chinese Internet evolution, and summarizes some rules of nature, constantly approaching things.

as a well-known entrepreneur, Yu Minhong summed up his experiences in the process of entrepreneurial success by reviewing the entrepreneurial experience of New Oriental, and the recent thinking about the entrepreneurial environment and new phenomena.

rational entrepreneurship, rather than follow the trend of entrepreneurship

this thing is really with us this year to encourage young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs themselves in front of a career driven, investors have to follow behind, tired, very tight; and now the entrepreneurial environment for instant success, anxious mentality of the Department of day will be successful. I have been dealing with many entrepreneurs, both physically and mentally exhausted, especially in terms of psychological tension that has become unbearable for entrepreneurs.

2 software integration based on hardware, such as Windows, has become a unified software platform for the whole PC era, while Android and iOS have become the unified software platform for the entire mobile Internet era.

When the original

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