, according to a number of insider to a financial disclosure, at the weekend, "data hall" data business lines were investigated by the police.


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a number of industry insiders predict that this round of clean-up action may lead to a major reshuffle of the industry.

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in April this year, the data portal announced 2016 annual earnings, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed company is -16871029.94, performance losses of nearly 17 million.

in fact, last Friday, Wu Yuanqing, head of a big data company, got the news.

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"is said to have at least one VP high level investigation, involving 6 people," the insider said, the reason being investigated, because the data hall to a financial marketing company, provides a large number of data related to user privacy.

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, and its core services, is the collection, processing and mining of large data.

original address: 906030.cn/read.php? Tid-1056.html

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"the interface to a data service suddenly snapped. "I asked the clerk of the data office, the other side said that the adjustment, and other news," Xu Jun said, but the company’s business can not wait, he can only find new data interface everywhere.

"police recently for data chaos shot, began a comprehensive renovation," Wu Yuanqing said at the time, the industry did not pay attention, because there have been previous rectification, not necessarily out fundamental, the real thing".

01 Fengyuyulai

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recently the big data industry fengshengheli.

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with money

according to public information, in November 6, 2015, data hall announced the acquisition of B round of 240 million yuan financing, valued at more than 2 billion.

results, at this time, the scale of remediation action beyond all imagination.

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"at present, people have been released, but there are many lines of data stall," the insider said.

, the head of a regulatory agency, confirmed the matter.

according to data portal official website: Data church was founded in 2011, and in December 10, 2014 successfully listed in the new three board, becoming China’s largest data industry, the first listed three new board enterprises. In China and the United States, 4 subsidiaries have been established and 5 data processing centers have been established."

according to internal sources, the recent monitoring of data chaos shot, began cleaning up, 15 companies were included in the survey list, of which several valuations are over billions.

, and Xu Jun, a downstream customer of the data, was also on the scene Tuesday afternoon.

according to several insiders revealed last weekend, "data hall" people were led to the police investigation, part of the data line of business shut down.

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