yesterday, it was the date of the Western Union remittance to the account. I believe that many webmasters got the monitoring number and went to the post bank and the Agricultural Bank of the Western Union to support the money. Many webmaster smoothly got the money, but many webmaster but because the local did not support the Western Union institutions and depressed.

, Sina founder Wang Zhidong was reluctant to leave,

Abstract: in a similar dispute Baowan such enterprises in the war, has been expelled from the founder of the capital, also can not keep up with the rhythm of the capital CEO, but more of the truth we can make nothing of it, maybe the truth such as the phrase "Xin pulsecam all silent ecstasy like mystery.

yesterday afternoon, I was also in a hurry to go to the Jintang post office, ready to receive the money, but once I went to the counter, they said they couldn’t support the Western Union withdrawal. Because of the relationship between our company and the post office US agency of the Jintang post postal advertising all, ask the person in charge, the answer is: the system has a problem, because the exchange rate problem, we do not go through Western Union business, and this business is not many. After a brief disappointment, I rushed to the Jintang branch of the Agricultural Bank of China. The staff members also said that they couldn’t support the Western Union and let me go to Chengdu.

in fact, his departure was not his own wish, but the unexpected.

1998, Wang Zhidong served as CEO, June 2001, sina Duan Yongji and other 5 directors on the board of directors of the Wang Zhidong suddenly declared exempt from all positions in Sina, because Wang Zhidong insisted that save portal way is advertising, but then Sina advertising revenue growth is slow, but he firmly opposed to holding $400 million cash china and merger plan.

at this year’s shlf1314 AdSense conference, shlf1314 AdSense responsible person clearly said, shlf1314 completed the localization of AdSense this year, implementation of the bank transfer, I also believe that shlf1314 is a multinational, certainly can do this, just a matter of time, Western Union remittance will only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

home in a few shlf1314 AdSense exchange group information, we all have this problem, county and county-level cities do not support western union collection, you need to go to the prefecture level city for processing.

shlf1314 AdSense webmaster, most are not living in the city, the Western Union will take time and fare to the city to get money, very inconvenient, so I said that Western Union is not suitable for every webmaster.


if Wang Shi leaves, I’m afraid it’s a new tragic story of "capital drives out the founder".

so what about the development of the companies that have left the founders? What’s the inspiration for today’s "

in sh419 encyclopedia, we see, for Wang Zhidong’s several lines of eye-catching presentation is: China’s Internet industry’s ten most influential enterprise leaders of the head. Sina founder, successfully created China’s first big web portal Sina, known as the "king of Chinese networks", has led Sina to become the world’s largest Chinese portal, and successfully listed in NASDAQ in 2000.

this article starts: Sichuan webmaster network www.scadmin post, please indicate the source

about this sudden decision, Wang Zhidong also said that sina announced he decided to change to the chief executive of the company, they have been given no advance notice of them to take this action, not to give him the opportunity of this action or related issues are discussed and explained. He did not receive any form of explanation until he left.

of course, Jintang is not far away from Sichuan, capital of Chengdu, 40 minutes, 26 yuan round-trip fare not the cost, I also had to find a time to go to Chengdu for the Western Union payment. Now I feel very regret, regret the choice of the Western Union, and continue to use the Bank of China collection, that is, more than 20 days.


" campaign?

Wang Shi said this sentence, somewhat helpless. Yesterday the media openly saying: Wang Shi, if you kill a hero, come back.

last month, landing shlf1314 AdSense backstage, you can choose Western Union when collecting, I believe that everyone is excited, but also free services, save the collection time and collection costs.

I want to do

"my stay is not very important. The important thing is that this culture can continue.". From a certain point of view, we are the watcher of Vanke culture."

these lines have already introduced Wang Zhidong’s personal achievements and influence in the early stage. It is clear that Wang Zhidong’s influence in the early Internet field is very large. Next, Wang Zhidong chose to leave Sina at the height of his personal career.

in China’s business history, as Wang Shi, the founder of enterprises damaged by capital is not a minority. They were finally separated from their shareholders and finally left their own "raise" company.

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